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What is the Correct Time to do Yoga in the Morning

The world over, yoga is a much discussed subject. But we have hardly seen people talking about the right time to practise the same. The time that you spend practising yoga is going to have a significant impact on total effectiveness.

Have you ever thought about why yoga shows are broadcast frequently in the morning on TV? Well, there has to be one reason, right? Let’s find out the answer to this question and also learn the perfect time to start doing yoga for the day.

The Right Time to Practise Yoga:

The day is subjectively divided into four parts in terms of yoga science. Those are Brahma Muhurta, Sunrise, Noon and Sunset.

  • If you intend to practise yoga as a way to elevate your spiritual being, then Brahma Muhurta is one major time to practise the same.
  • But, in case you are looking for physical well-being, then according to the experts at Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga & Cultural Centre, sunrise time or sunset time will be the perfect time to do the same.
  • Noon is not quite recommended as it is considered to be mealtime, and we believe that your body needs a basic gap of 4 to 6 hours after eating in order to practise yoga. This time gap helps your body to digest the food and expend energy.
  • What’s more, you might sweat profusely during noon hours because of the tremendous heat, and that will dehydrate your body even more while practising yoga.
  • So, ideally speaking, Brahma Muhurta is always considered to be the best time for anyone to practise yoga, irrespective of age.
  • But it is also advised to choose a time that feels to be more convenient for you and not be rigid in any sense at all.
  • What seems to be more important is to procure the best kind of yoga session and try out multiple techniques to enhance your current experience. For that, the team from Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga & Cultural Centre is always ready to help with the best possible yoga classes in Bangalore ever available.

The Time Depends on the type of Yoga as well:

The experts will suggest you practise asanas either in the morning or during the evening time on an empty stomach. But, make sure to not quite practise challenging asanas that will energise you right before bedtime.

  • It is always ideal for practising all kinds of asanas in the morning, which helps in loosening up and energising your body.
  • Much like asanas, the pranayama can also be practised during the morning or evening time. But it is always best to practise pranayama within a span of 2 to 4 hours after you have had your meal.
  • It is one way to energise your way through proper breathing techniques, which we are able to offer you.
  • On the other hand, you have the liberty to practise meditation at any point of the day, mainly when you are not feeling sleepy, feeling hyper or drinking alcohol.
  • An awake and a proper mindset is an excellent opportunity for you to meditate.
  • Make sure to wait for a minimum of 2 hours after you have your meal to meditate just to avoid feeling drowsy.
  • Yoga Nidra can easily be practised during any time of the day. You can practise it immediately right after having meals as long as you don’t fall asleep while you are on it.

Sunrise is your Call:

Most people would love to be active members of the reputed yoga studio in Bangalore, where they will learn the tricks and tips of practising yoga and all under expert guidance as well. Even in the yoga studio, it has been clearly stated that sunrise is the actual best time to practise yoga

  • The Brahma Muhurta, which is around 3:40 am, is not always a practical option for all of you. So, as per the experts, sunrise time is perfect and practical for starting your yoga sessions for the day.
  • In the same way, how you start your day with coffee or tea, make sure to substitute it with yoga and make it a regular morning practice to see some results.
  • Breathing in the fresh air of the early morning is ideal for your mind and soul and helps you to prepare for the upcoming challenges that lie ahead.
  • The best thing about doing yoga in the morning is that it provides you with an energy boost that no tea or coffee can offer.

Join the team for the online yoga classes, and they will show you the tricks and tips for getting hold of a better body, mind, and soul through the classes!

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