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3 reasons why you should do yoga right after waking up

Well, there is absolutely no fixed time for doing yoga; but doing yoga in the morning can fetch you numerous health benefits. If you are confused about what asana you should do first, we can recommend a little stretch right after you wake up.

We, Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga & Cultural Centre, have been providing yoga classes in Bangalore for many years. After joining our classes, you just have to open your laptop and log in to our page after you wake up in the morning. Our expert trainers would tell you what to do next to complete your session.

Generally, after waking up, people start scrolling their mobile phone screens nowadays. This is a very unhealthy practise which you should avoid doing right after waking up in the morning. Preferably, you should divert your mind to practise a few asanas whenever you wake up in the morning.

We focus on cultivating good habits in our clients. Doing yoga after waking up is indeed a good habit that anyone can follow regularly to get rid of bad habits like scrolling screens after waking up. You can also visit any yoga studio in Bangalore to do yoga with others. Seeing others doing yoga can motivate you, so you should visit these places for best results.

To get rid of your age-old bad habits, you should start doing yoga first after waking up in the morning. You can cultivate the following things if you follow a regular routine of practising yoga in the morning.

1. TO AVOID Taking Caffeine

Interestingly, you can make a habit of not taking morning coffee if you join any online yoga class in the morning. For this, you have to log in to the portal and do yoga as per the instructions. After doing a few sessions, you will feel so energetic that you won’t need caffeine anymore.

  • Pranayama is the best yoga method you can practise to calm your mind. Along with that, yoga asanas are very effective to relax your body.
  • Therefore, you would feel completely charged with positive energy after doing such yoga asanas.
  • These asanas would stimulate your mind and give you the feeling of relaxation in the morning itself.

Medically it is not recommended that you should rely on caffeine to feel awake. Despite this, people have habitually used caffeine to feel alive and focused on their work. In the long run, this would impact your body and mind as well. Therefore, you should start practising yoga to minimise your caffeine intake capacity.

Our best trainers can guide you to do these asanas more accurately so that you get the ultimate benefits of yoga. We guarantee that you would feel charged after doing the first session.

2. TO Concentrate More

The first two hours after waking up should be positive so that you spend the day with more focus. Therefore, doing yoga after waking up is the best thing you can do to start your day. It would calm your mind and body and give you a dose of energy to allow you to perform more actively at your workplace.

    • First, you need to feel very relaxed in order to practise yoga. For that, we recommend you do breathing exercises as a part of yoga sessions.
    • Focusing on your breath can help you to release your stress. In pranayama, we suggest “anulom-vilom” as the main breathing exercise right after you wake up in the morning.
    • This type of breathing exercise you can practise in your bed also but ensure that you sit properly with the right posture.

Anatomically, cortisol is responsible for stress and it remains high when you wake up in the morning. For this reason, you might feel very dizzy and irritated right after waking up. However, yoga can help you to level up the cortisol hormone in your body.

We, Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga & Cultural Centre, always try to think rationally so that we can provide you relief from stress. Our sessions are designed in a way that you would get the ultimate benefits of yoga. We focus more on scientific elements that you can act accordingly.

3. TO RELEASE Happy Hormones

Besides controlling stress hormones, you can boost your happy hormones by practising yoga right after waking up. We have the best yoga instructors in Bangalore city that can help you to get the maximum benefits of yoga.

  • Yoga includes various ananas, stretching exercises, and pranayama therefore it helps to reduce the stress level in your body and boost healthy happy hormones.

We are the right ones who can guide you to do all the postures of yoga correctly. Therefore, you can increase your strength and immunity.

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