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The Best Yoga Essentials for Beginners

It is never too late to start taking care of your health. While a gym session can be a bit hard for you as a beginner, a yoga session can definitely work out for you. A yoga session everyday can have great positive effects on your mental as well as physical fitness. To be honest, you just need to have the dedication to get started with your yoga routine.

If you have finally committed yourself to the idea of starting your yoga journey, you will need a couple ot things to perform your yoga poses perfectly. Whether you do online yoga classes or offline in a Yoga Studio in Bangalore, there are a few basic yoga equipment that you should invest in.


A yoga mat offers you the required amount of traction your body needs while performing yoga. It will prevent you from falling off in various positions such as a downward facing dog. There are various kinds of yoga mats available in the market. You can choose any mat depending upon your preferences. However, you should have a basic understanding of the materials used for making yoga mats, as it will help you determine which one to select. You can choose a PVC, foam, rubber, or jute yoga mat, based on your requirements.

YOGA Towel

Yoga towel always comes in handy, especially if you sweat a lot. You can cover your yoga mat with a towel. Sweat can cause you injuries by making you prone to slipping. Do not make the mistake of getting a regular bath towel. Yoga towels are designed especially to absorb the sweat as they are made with microfiber and designed to prevent bunching. You can sprinkle a bit of water on your mat prior to your yoga session so that the towel sits well on it.


The first rule of yoga is to be at ease while practising the same. It’s important for you to be dressed in comfortable clothes so that you can do any position easily. Here is what you should keep in mind regarding the yoga clothing

  • Sports bra- Although yoga is a low- impact activity as compared to other sports, it is often advised to wear light to medium support sports bra. However, it is completely your choice to decide whether to include this aspect in the clothing or not.
  • Shorts or pants- Always choose those shorts or pants that are stretchy and stay still throughout the entire session. If you’re someone who sweat during yoga, you need to choose a pair of shorts or pants that have moisture wicking abilities. A pair of loose fitting joggers are also a good option.
  • Headbands- Getting distracted or annoyed during your yoga classes is the last thing you want to experience at that moment. You can either tie your hair completely or get a headband so that your hair remains out of your face while moving.
  • Gloves and socks- Performing yoga with gloves and socks is better than doing it barefoot as it provides more traction. In case you don’t have a yoga mat, yoga socks are the best bet for you as it will help you perform better on the bare floor.

YOGA Blocks

As a beginner, you won’t have an advanced level of flexibility but yoga blocks can help you get into various poses easily. It helps you perform a pose properly and improves your flexibility as well. It is advised to buy yoga blocks in a set. You should choose a block that is a minimum of four inches wide for maximum stability. If you’re a beginner and don’t know how to use blocks, you can take them to your yoga studio in Bangalore and your instructor can guide you about their usage.


A yoga strap or belt has an adjustable buckle that helps in the extension of your reach and improves your alignment. It also helps in better flexibility. In case you are not able to do a forward fold or unable to reach your feet in any position, you can use the strap and pull yourself to deepen the stretch. In addition to that, yoga belts can also help you open up your shoulders in case you’re unable to get your hands behind your back altogether. You can also maintain your balance in certain poses.

As you advance in your yoga journey, you will realise that your investment was worth it. Above everything, while performing yoga, you want to create an environment that relaxes you and helps you acquire peace. Whatever you buy, you need to understand that you are at ease and comfortable throughout the process.

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