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Yoga in Daily Life

Did you know that the term ‘Yoga’ means ‘to unite’? Yoga creates a perfect balance between your physical and mental health. In today’s world, everyone is so stressed that you could be fine now and have a breakdown some time later, affecting physical or mental health. Yoga is the holistic approach that should be practised by everyone to unite all parameters of wellness.

Yoga can bring positive changes in your life and completely transform the way you look at everything. It allows you to deal with situations with a calm mind and this leads to positive outcomes. Thanks to modern technology, you can now enroll yourself in online yoga classes with a Yoga Centre located in Bangalore when offline attendance is not possible.

But should we practice yoga every day? Is it really worth the effort? Let’s understand the concept of yoga in everyday life in detail.


Yoga helps in improved blood circulation in your body. Different positions in which you practice handstand, shoulder stand, or head stand encourages the blow flow to lungs and heart which can further lead to an increase in the activity of your organs. In addition to that, yoga also improves the level of haemoglobin and red blood cells that helps in thinning of blood via the creation of less sticky platelets. All of this can reduce the risk of heart strokes and attacks.

Yoga also helps in lowering the blood sugar levels. It leads to an increase in good cholesterol or High Density Lipoprotein and lowers bad cholesterol or Low Density Lipoprotein. This, in turn, protects you from kidney failure or any other diabetic complication.

yoga and daily life

MAKES you Aware

Practising yoga everyday makes you develop a sense of awareness. You start to think about several things from a different perspective. It definitely helps you out in difficult situations and this leads to the improvement in the quality of your life. As a result of a different perspective, your decision making skills evolve. It awakens the deep mental sense and you start understanding the core of things or issues which helps you deal with the problem in an effective manner. You can join yoga classes in Bangalore for effective guidance.


There are times when we are stressed and can’t sleep. It may be because of overthinking or anxiety. Well, yoga helps in calming your mind and takes out negativity from you. This helps you have good sleep at night and also provides you a relaxed feeling. It takes tiredness and stress out of your body, which lets you sleep peacefully. As a result of better sleep, you also wake up energised with positive thoughts to get you through the day smoothly.

SELF Discipline

Yoga helps you manage and discipline yourself. It helps you develop the ability to cope with your conflict, either physical or mental, needs or desires. You will be able to handle your emotions better than before. It will lead you to acceptance and make you embrace the reason rather than stressing over it. Once you start accepting things the way they are, you can work over the situation to make it better. By practising yoga every day, you start to become more attentive and complete your duties with seriousness and purpose.

BETTER Discipline Relationships

Since yoga brings in balance, it will enable you to understand others as well. You will no longer be self centred or egoistic. When we are stressed, we only think about ourselves and it often leads to wrong decisions. This lack of understanding others can damage your relationships. On the other hand, a sense of empathy will tell you where and why things went wrong. Joining a professional yoga studio in Bangalore will help you in your journey. You’ll then want to solve the issue immediately so that no more damage is done or to prevent whatever damage is already done. Only if you feel peaceful from within, will you be able to maintain good relationships with others.

Now that you know how everyday yoga can change your life, you must also have an idea of yoga poses that you should practise daily. Here are a few poses that you should do every day:

Standing side bend- As the name suggests, you have to side bend yourself while standing. You just need to stretch your arms over your head while you bend to the left/right.

Cat pose- Go down on your all-fours and stretch your spine in a long position followed by crowning your head down.

Cobra- Lie down on the floor with your head slightly raised. Now elevate yourself in a way that your hands are under your shoulder. Keep your feet throughout on the mat with your toes pointing outward.

Yoga is a proven practice by which you can achieve a better quality of life. Along with mental health, it also has positive effects on your physical health. Regular practise of yoga can strengthen your muscles, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase productivity.

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