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3 Yoga Exercises that can Relieve Depression

Do you feel hopeless? Are you suffering from depression? Sri Krishna Wellness, Yoga and Cultural Centre, a well-known yoga studio in Bangalore, can help you fight depression with some specific yoga practices. We will impart 3 special yoga topics that can make it easier for you to get out of depression.

How can yoga help treat your depression?

Yoga is an ancient form of practice that has gained considerable support from people. Yoga is well-known in the management of many types of chronic illnesses and can also help in the treatment of depression. We provide yoga classes in Bangalore for your problems. You can also enrol for our online yoga classes. There are several benefits to treating depression through yoga.

  • Yoga for the treatment of depression can be practised as posture (asana) and as meditation or breathing exercises (pranayama). All of these yoga poses are great for treating depression.
  • Seats or postures work on the physical side of reaching a deeper level for the treatment of depression. Meditation and breathing can help you to relax and cope with the treatment of depression.
  • Yoga improves the flexibility of the body, resulting in finer blood flow, less obstruction, and stronger and more relaxed muscles. Yoga treats depression by helping to build internal energy in your body which enables you to fight depression or anxiety.

1. UJJAYI Breathing Yoga

Ujjayi is a Sanskrit word meaning “one who is victorious”, and Ujjayi breathing means “breath of victory”. This yoga is useful for reducing depression because the technique helps the practitioner to feel better, stronger, and more confident.

How to do Ujjayi Breathing Yoga

The technique is simple. Keep your mouth shut when you breathe deeply through your nose. When you do this, the muscles in the back of the neck will contract slightly. Doing so will create the rhythmic sound of the ocean waves, which calms and focuses the mind.

Benefits of Ujjayi Breathing Yoga

Here are some of the top benefits to deepen your experience with Ujjayi Pranayama in your practise.

  • We will help you to live a healthy life through this yoga. This yoga creates internal heat which helps to release the tight parts of the body. In addition, deep breathing increases blood circulation and releases toxins from internal organs to enlarge the lungs more than normal.
  • When you feel aroused, anxious, or nervous, we help give you a slow, concentrated, rhythmic nature of breathing that helps calm the nervous system instantly. Ujjayi helps to align your mind, body, and soul with the stillness, sound, and depth of breathing and makes you more self-aware.


How to do pranayama

For the practise of pranayama, breathing is slow and steady, entering through the nose and descending to the abdomen. This yoga is always done with a straight spine and a relaxed body. Remember that while practicing pranayama, you need to get rid of any thoughts and only focus on the type of breathing involved in pranayama.

Benefits of Pranayama

  • We believe that pranayama will improve your mood with improved oxygenation because there is no better way to get blood and nutrients to every part of your brain than deep breathing. This yoga is incredibly beneficial for your mental health.
  • It helps lower blood pressure, activates your parasympathetic nervous system, and increases your endurance.


You will find that Savasana relieves your frustration and stress. Savasana is a wonderful posture before meditation, as it calms the mind and relaxes your whole body. To get the most out of Savasana, you have to make sure that you are in a comfortable position on your back.

How to do Savasana

Perform the Savasana posture. Lying on your back, you lean on your yoga mat and spread your legs slightly apart from each other. Tighten your legs and lift. Take a deep breath as you stretch your body and then relax your body. Exhale and inhale as soon as the posture is released.

The benefits of Savasana

We consider Savasana or corpse posture to be one of the most common postures used in yoga. It will significantly affect your body, mind, and spirit. It can be considered a brain massage where you slowly relax and control all your muscles.

  • Doing this yoga before going to bed is a great pose, as it will help you relax and sleep better.
  • You will get rid of depression and stress in your mind through this yoga.
  • We suggest doing Savasana before meditation as it calms the mind and relaxes your body.

Our yoga method gives you the ability to survive the moment. The unique mind-body method of yoga is becoming a global choice to fight depression.

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