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What are the 9 Best Spiritual Benefits of Yoga?

Regular yoga practice can provide you with numerous spiritual benefits and this aspect of yoga can bring more balance to your life, both on and off the mat. While online yoga classes mainly focus on the physical benefits of yoga, reducing tension and increasing flexibility and strength, Sri Krishna Wellness, Yoga and Cultural Centre additionally explores the importance of spiritual yoga practice and how you can experience the benefits for yourself.

1. CULTIVATING Awareness

With awareness of how to act when faced with stress and other challenges, we can learn to better choose our responses with more purpose and kindness to improve our relationships and resilience. Experiencing mindfulness and relaxation helps us identify our habitual triggers and notice our thoughts and feelings to act more positively as we move forward.


Yoga poses and techniques can help you stop clinging to control everything and instead allow you to accept what you have, reducing stress and anxiety. Yoga philosophy at our yoga studio in Bangalore can also teach us that we suffer most when we try to control the things we cannot control, and therefore, when we learn to accept things as they are, we find greater happiness and freedom.

3. MENTAL FOCUS & Clarity

Yoga teaches that your thoughts are not always right and that you can learn to choose which ones to focus on and which ones to let go of. It helps to feel less overwhelmed and more present at the moment. Focusing on the breath can create more space in the mind, which helps us clarify what is important to us. It can help us take better decisions and ask questions about how we live rather than operating on autopilot.

4. ALIGNS YOUR Mind, Body, & Spirit

The purpose of aligning your mind, body, and spirit is not limited to understanding yourself. Searching deeper into the source of creation goes much further than that. This source is divine and perfect. By learning the different yoga styles and benefits, you are more likely to move through your life with love, gratitude, and compassion for all experiences.

5. TRANSCEND YOUR Physical Senses

Human beings live in the three-dimensional plane of energy, matter, and space. Yoga works on this dimension by giving your body strength and flexibility. It also opens your mind to higher consciousness. As you practice yoga more and gain more awareness, you will begin to see the spiritual benefits. Your yogic meditation takes you to a spiritual dimension beyond the earthly plane without time or limitation. You feel a cosmic relationship with the Universal Mind that transcends the pain and suffering of the present world.

6. OPEN YOUR Third Eye

Just because you practice yoga doesn’t mean you become a psychic. Another spiritual benefit of yoga is greater emotional awareness. You won’t tell the future, but your intuition will be stronger and you can sense things beyond this realm. In the yogic tradition, your body is divided into seven energy centres called chakras. According to an article published by Yoga Journal, the sixth is called your Ajna chakra or third eye. It is located in the middle of your forehead above your eyes and opens with Yoga.

7. PROVIDES A Calm Mind

Yoga can help us calm the hustle and bustle of modern life. With all the regular notifications, emails and technological distractions, it can be difficult to locate possibilities for stillness. On the other hand, by completing a meditation practice or focusing on a mantra, you can improve your concentration and awareness, even when faced with a noisy and busy environment.

One exercise that helps with this is a type of breathing exercise, which combines the movement of our arms with our breath, which calms the mind. It is designed to prepare people to open their hearts to others and find wholeness through peace of mind.

8. STRENGTHENS YOUR Connection with God

If you accept a purely scientific definition of life, you have a mass of cells and organs functioning biologically. As you become more aware of your spiritual side through yogic practice, you will realize that you are much more. You are an eternal part of God that always was and always will be.

Yoga’s meditative postures and mindful breathing remind you of your cosmic heritage. It takes you beyond the limitations of your body, your goals, and your mundane existence. You develop an inexplicable spiritual connection with the eternal past and future.

9. PROVIDES A Sense of Unity

Yoga practice reminds you of this sacred connection and enhances awareness of the environment. As a spiritual asset, you begin to understand what indigenous cultures mean when they speak of Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Yoga is a beautiful practice through which Sri Krishna Wellness, Yoga and Cultural Centre can bring health and happiness into your life.

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