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How To Choose Your Best Yoga Mat

Yoga is known for the positive effects that it has on the practitioner. It helps you build your strength as well as flexibility. Along with physical fitness, yoga also helps you relieve stress, anxiety, and takes care of your mental health as well. Unlike other fitness activities, it does not require much preparation and you can get started with the practice with minimal gear only. While you can enrol yourself in a yoga studio in Bangalore, it is always best to have your personal yoga mat.

Irrespective of where you practise, you must have a proper yoga mat. Practising yoga without a yoga mat can lead to injuries so it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Choosing a yoga mat might sound like something very simple. However, it’s when you start looking for yoga mats according to your preferences, you understand the layers of difficulty in the search. In addition to that, there are various basic factors that you must also consider before buying a yoga mat. Choosing a mat, whether for online yoga classes or offline classes, is beyond the choice of colour and patterns. To save you from the hassle of how you should choose a perfect yoga mat, we have put together a few points that will definitely come in handy when you decide to buy a yoga mat.

Here is how you can choose perfect yoga mat.


The thickness of a yoga mat is the first thing that you must consider. If it is too thin, there is a high chance that your knee will get injured during various yoga poses. If your yoga mat is too thick, you won’t feel the connection to the floor which will make it difficult for you to move in several yoga positions. If you’re confused which one to go for, the standard thickness that you should be looking at for a perfect yoga mat is about ⅛ inch thick. It will allow you to have a strong flow while you can easily move yourself in various poses. If you want to maintain a better grip, you should focus on thinner mats with textured surfaces. Similarly, if you want extra cushioning, choose a thicker mat.


The texture is what decides the grip you will get on your yoga mat. A well textured yoga mat will not let you slip or fall off by providing you with a physical barrier. The texture of the yoga mat also affects how you feel on a yoga mat, so it also is a matter of comfort. If you like to do intense yoga then you should choose sticky mats or you can go for a smoother one if you get easily irritated with rough texture or bumps. You can buy a PVC yoga mat if smoothness is of utmost importance for you.


uhe material of the yoga mat will decide how much pressure it can handle over time. Here are the most common types of materials yoga mats are made up of-

  • Foam- This is an eco friendly version of yoga mats. It is comfortable and durable.
  • PVC- This is an entry level yoga mat that is made up of polyvinyl chloride. It is not biodegradable which means it’s dangerous for the environment but an inexpensive choice.
  • Cotton- This kind of yoga mat is quite thin and eco friendly. You can also combine them with other yoga mats to get extra support. Cotton yoga mats can increase the grip by absorbing the sweat.
  • Rubber- This kind of yoga mat can be used as an alternative to PVC mats. It can be problematic for you if you are allergic to latex.
  • Jute- It is a fibrous material with the same resilience as cotton. It is also durable and can be paired with other mats to increase the traction.


If you don’t want to slide all over the place and maintain your alignment throughout the session, you must choose a sticky yoga mat. A PVC or foam yoga mat has the highest stickiness that one can require. A cotton or jute yoga mat has the lowest level of stickiness. For a moderate amount of stickiness, you can go for a rubber yoga mat.


The standard size of a yoga mat is 24 inch x 68 inch, in which length is variable. You can decide the length of your yoga mat based on your preferences or where you’re going to practise. If you join yoga classes in Bangalore, it is advised to buy a standard yoga mat since a lengthy one can cause problems for others in the line. However, you must choose a mat that is long enough for your entire body so that you can lie down easily.

There are various types of yoga mats that you can buy. However, the most important aspect that you should consider is comfort. No matter what the seller says, do not buy a yoga mat that appears to have every quality but fails to offer you ease and comfort. Prioritise your preferences and then buy a yoga mat. A healthy lifestyle starts from here.

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