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Top 8 Best Yoga Benefits for Women

The benefits of yoga for women are numerous and proven. Women are often delicate and don’t take enough care of themselves. We, Sri Krishna Wellness, Yoga and Cultural Centre, help women strengthen up physically, mentally, and emotionally by providing online yoga classes. Yoga and a little meditation keep the body fit and mentally strong. Let us know the benefits of yoga for women in detail.

1. IMPROVES Metabolism

Metabolic activity should be strong because weak metabolism can lead to ailments like poor digestion, irritable bowel syndrome, GERD, inflammatory bowel syndrome, and abnormal secretion of upper and lower thyroid and parathyroid glands. Sarvangasana boosts metabolism by stimulating the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Also, Pashimottanasana and Vajrasana help in improving digestion. Join our yoga classes in Bangalore and improve your metabolism.

2. HELPS TO Relieve Stress

Today’s modern woman is a working woman with dual responsibilities. She has to manage stress and tension at work and home. Yoga helps release stress-reducing hormones like cortisol, adrenaline etc. Our yoga treatments at yoga studios in Bangalore will soothe women’s moods. Also, performing yoga asanas daily will strengthen the muscles and give flexibility to the body and mind.

3. YOGA CURES Premenstrual Syndrome

A few days before menstruation, women experience changes in their mood, emotions, digestive habits, and health which we call premenstrual syndrome. The causes of PMS are unknown but it goes away with the onset of menstruation and about ninety percent of women experience this syndrome.

Its symptoms are breast pain, flatulence, abdominal pain, irritability, acne, headache, leg cramps, changes in sleep patterns, etc. Yoga postures and meditation relax the mind and release stress-reducing hormones that reduce premenstrual syndrome symptoms. Marjariasana relaxes the spine and abdomen and reduces pain in those areas.

Bhujangasana strengthens and stretches the spine, increases flexibility, and reduces sprains during PMS. Dhanurasana reduces discomfort and relieves fatigue. Massana relaxes tension in the upper spinal region. The bridge pose helps to correct strain and pain in the abdominal area.


Postpartum yoga ensures quick recovery after delivery. A woman’s body aches and stretches during pregnancy and needs to recover gently but steadily. Weight gain is a concern for every woman whose stamina weakens. Yoga helps to lose weight in less time. Plank Vinyasa Yoga increases endurance and strength in the abdominal and back muscles. Practicing in the Locust Pose improves posture and relieves stress on the upper and lower back.

Scissors restore flexibility to the spine and hip while a leg-wide pose helps stretch the hamstrings and increases abdominal strength. Mountain pose will restore the health of the torso, abdomen, and spine. Practicing postnatal yoga under supervision is very important. The health of the nursing baby depends on the health of the mother. The sooner the mother recovers, the healthier the baby will be.

5. HELPS CURE Breast Cancer

Currently, the problem of breast cancer is increasing. A sedentary lifestyle, fast food, and work pressure are some of the reasons. Studies have suggested that yoga can add positive effects to medication. Cat cow pose, fish pose, forward bend pose, and child’s pose are some recommended yoga poses.

6. HELPS TO COMBAT Gestational Diabetes

Pregnant women develop high blood sugar between 24-28 weeks of pregnancy, known as gestational diabetes mellitus. It increases the chances of having a child with diabetes and increases the complications of delivery.

7. REDUCES THE Complications of Menopause

Menopause is a condition that every woman experiences in her lifetime. It is a condition of cessation of menstruation. Most women face problems in the early stages of menopause, some even undergo surgery. After menopause, due to the cessation of the menstrual cycle, the oxygenation and purification of the blood are stopped which causes various problems for her health. Estrogen levels drop and calcium levels drop.

Yoga practice along with diet will help a woman maintain her health after menopause. Certain postures such as forward-facing hero pose, sphinx pose, fan pose, and lunge pose should be practiced.

Women are the core of every family and they need to be fit to keep the family healthy. We advise women to learn and practice yoga for their overall health. As they age, their bodies begin to degenerate, and after menopause it declines rapidly, weakening their staying power. Maintaining health is essential to avoid further complications.

8. HELPS IN Natural Childbirth

Practicing asana during the prenatal period will help in normal delivery. It also helps reduce stress and pain. It not only ensures natural delivery but also reduces labour pains. Yoga also helps take care of the stretched uterine muscles during breastfeeding. Some special teachers guide you to do prenatal yoga.

Margariyasan nourishes the reproductive organs while Konasana reduces constipation that occurs during pregnancy. Trikonasana helps maintain the centre of gravity that shifts during pregnancy when viparitaCarni’s ankles and varicose veins swell. Regular practice of BaddhaKonasana facilitates smooth delivery.

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