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Yoga Classes In Bangalore – The Gold Standard In Health And Wellness

We always achieve success in life when we know the art of balancing various things that are important to us. Yes, the first thing that comes to mind as a global citizen is the art of balancing work life with personal life. That is indeed a work of art.

In the same line of thought, it may be stated that a healthy body is not enough; without a happy and healthy mind, the balance of good health is disturbed. Often we are physically fit because we watch our diet closely. But do we realize that the mind is cluttered from the inside?


India’s heritage is vast and Yoga is one of the most significant parts of it. A set of lifestyle and health routines that is relevant even in the 21st century and a necessary part of modern life. These ancient asanas and postures bring harmony to your body and mind to create that perfect balance of the self.

This is what we also refer to as ‘Wellness’ – a state of calm and perfect balance for a healthy body and mind.

We at Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga & Cultural Centre have always aimed at creating harmony between the body and mind with our holistic yoga classes in Bangalore.

These classes are held daily at the centre by some of the finest gurus and master teachers of the art who have been practising yoga for many years now and have attained international acclaim for their contribution.


One of the primary benefits of Yoga to world culture has been the awakening of the soul with the help of meditation.

Though this was popular through the decades in many countries of the world, there has been a wide consciousness among people across countries with the declaration of the International Yoga Day on June 21st by the UNGA in 2014.

Through our regular classes, we have established the main objectives of meditation among our followers which have helped them greatly.

  • It has created greater awareness of the usefulness of meditation in daily life.
  • Meditation has been greatly accepted as a part of daily life practice and not a pursuit for heretics only.
  • Meditation is accepted as the best form of breathing exercise and its regulation.
  • Practising the correct form of breathing ensures a steady flow of oxygen into the body for better health and cell regeneration.
  • It is greatly appreciated and followed as an alternative treatment for anxiety and hypertension. We emphasise the inclusion of meditation as a daily practice in life in any convenient manner possible for a learner.


Whether its meditation or the practice of yoga asanas, there is a need for discipline and methodical practice. This helps in building healthy habits on a regular basis and keeps balance and harmony alive.

  • There are regular classes held at the centre for best results if you have specific health and wellness issues.
  • Our teachers also believe that at any time of your choosing through the hours of the day you can meditate for as less as 10 minutes and maintain the calmness and stability needed for the mind.
  • For yoga asanas too, there are instructions given for a few exercises by our master teachers that learners can do at home or on days when they are not coming to attend classes at the centre.

A regular system of practice is essential for the body to remain in the same activity and spontaneity for the exercises. It is a balance of the muscles and the tissues of the body that cannot be interfered with.

HEALTH Benefits

There is a reason why we emphasise the daily and regular practice of meditation and yoga asanas. These practices come with a wide range of health benefits and remedies when practised with regularity.

  • It helps to purify your body and mind by creating a flow of positive energy.
  • Posture and fitness that are greatly affected at the workplace find a cure when you practise yoga daily.
  • There is a perfect toning of the muscles and a regeneration of tissues with enhanced blood circulation that comes with yoga asanas.
  • Maintaining body weight and a healthy lifestyle becomes easier with these two practices.
  • Meditation helps to build a better flow of oxygen into the body that enhances cell regeneration and helps to improve breathing.
  • Stress, hypertension, and anxiety disorders are greatly managed and controlled with the help of meditation.

OUR Classes

We have regular classes at our Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga & Cultural Centre which is located in Bangalore.

There are daily classes held at our yoga studio in Bangalore at different times and schedules designed to accommodate your daily routine.

There are professionals and students or even homemakers who will find one of the time schedules perfect to attend on a regular basis.

There are special classes planned only for ladies if you feel more comfortable joining one.

We understand the problem of scheduling things in the middle of a work day for many of you. This is the reason we have also come up with online yoga classes to suit your needs.

With a virtual class that is available on a personalised basis or even with a group of others, you can now join our yoga and meditation program, no matter where you are located.

Artistic Pursuits

We strongly feel that there is a need for a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle.

There are artistic pursuits and activities that can greatly enhance your health and mind. Classes in Classical dances, classes on Shastras and its discussion, bhajans, and kirtans are also held at our centre that may be of interest and assistance to many.

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