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3 top benefits you can get from doing yoga at 5 am

As per our ancient texts, one should practise yoga ideally between 4 am and 7 am to get the maximum benefits from this ancient practice. However, due to a busy schedule, almost all working people practise yoga at their convenient time. Fit it into any time of the day if you wish to, there are absolutely no restrictions.

We provide yoga classes in Bangalore at your convenient time and pace, so you can approach us if you want to learn yoga from professionals. Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga & Cultural Centre is the perfect venue for exploring the world of yoga. A few sessions with us is all it takes to feel the effectiveness.

Yoga gurus always tell us that yoga should ideally be done with a fresh mind when the environment is also fresh. In the mornings, especially around 5 am, nature itself is serene and calm. Practising yoga every day at this time is a great way to reap the benefits.

To practise yoga with more people, you can also join a yoga studio in Bangalore. Doing yoga collectively helps you connect with those who share the same thought and channelize the same action. Since we are focussed on your day-to-day schedules and offer personalised timings for yoga classes, you can join us as per your time.

Most importantly, you have to be very regular with this practice to optimise its power. Let us see how practising yoga at 5 am can fetch you a plethora of benefits:

1. STRONG Digestive System

Logging in to the portal after you wake up and freshen up in the morning is strongly recommended.
Have you ever heard that brain cells are exclusively connected with gut pipes? Well, this is real as scientists have proven that you can work more productively if your digestive system is strong. Hence, you can increase the power of your digestive system by following yoga sessions every day.

  • Some asanas like “Vajrasana” can help you to digest food in a proper way. Therefore, you can practise this asana right after you eat your meal.
  • Similarly, some other asanas also help you to release your stress and boost positive energy in your body while alleviating acidity or bloating.

Our expert trainers will not only brief you about the asanas but also give you information about why you should do those asanas. Added to this, they also tell you the right way of doing the asanas at the right time coherently through our yoga sessions.

2. BOOST Immunity

The ancient texts guide us to follow yoga practises correctly. Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga & Cultural Centre in Bangalore hires the best yoga instructors who can help you boost your immunity through regular yoga practise.

  • Yoga focuses on the balancing system of your body. In other words, your stress level, your energy level, and other parameters would get balanced after practicing yoga every day.
  • Yoga involves various asanas or postures that help increase the blood circulation in your body. You will feel positive, extensively relaxed and calm.
  • Yoga is aimed at the holistic improvement of your body, and will automatically improve your health after a while.

We are the best yoga institution in this location and we provide certificate courses on yoga and other health practises. Therefore, if you want to become a yoga trainer you can contact us for the course of your choice.

To check your immunity level, you have to be very diligent with regular yoga practises. Our sessions are very flexible as you can get to our classes on your time and our trainers are competent to guide you holistically.

3. MINIMISE YOUR Stress Level

While practising yoga regularly can provide you with immense benefits, it may become difficult to do sessions regularly, especially on busy days. Here’s where our expert trainers can consult you to fix a convenient time when you can do yoga sessions with us.

  • Yoga followed by breathing exercises minimises the level of stress in your body and mind collectively.
  • Yoga at 5 am is a great way to begin the day because at that time nature will be in its calmest state and you can follow your breathing pattern properly at this time.
  • Early morning sessions can help you forget the negatives of the previous day. You will feel extremely energetic and enthusiastic all through the day.

Along with yoga sessions, we also arrange many seminars related to health and wellness. Should you wish to take professional guidance from us to any of your queries regarding yoga practice, we are more than happy to help.

To find out more, please visit

To find out more, please visit