Smt. Sangeetha Kannan

Smt. Sangeetha Kannan Senior Yoga Teacher, KYM Chennai

Senior Yoga Teacher, KYM Chennai

“She came to the Mandiram with no knowledge of Yoga and my experience here made her want to pursue this for life. Her first memory of KYM is that of hearing Sir’s chant; She was very mesmerised by his voice. There has been no turning back since then.

She applied for Teacher training program in 1998, but didn’t get admission then. However, that did not stop her and had reapplied for the course in 2000 and was successful in getting admission.Her learning journey started then and it has not stopped so far. In fact, her passion for Yoga has only deepened and in the process brought a lot of changes in her and her interaction with others. The subjects she pursued during college,Psychology and Sociology, served as a very good platform for her journey as it gave her a deeper

As far as therapy goes, every time she meets a student, it makes her more grounded. These classes are a therapy for her and help her relearn the things that we know.

Each day is a new day with full of new learnings. And each day, I grow as a person. I thank my teachers who have helped this happen; my teachers who taught me then and those who continue to teach me today.

Shri GurubhyoNamah.”