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Can yoga poses increase height?

June 2019

Answered by | Mimi Partha Sarathy, Founder & Senior Yoga Teacher

Yoga asana practice till the age of 25 years (this stage is called as SrishtiKrama in Yoga Rahasya) will ensure the full growth of the person to the best of his/her potential. Of course, a proper sattvic diet or the correct Ahara is an essential for this.

Even otherwise, practicing yoga regularly helps align all parts of our body i.e. our shoulders, hips, pelvis and head. Our body becomes stronger, more flexible and supple. With time as alignment improves and the spine is stretched, our posture will improve as well. We will notice ourselves standing taller, with both feet planted firmly on the ground. Not only will we look taller, but we will also develop grace of movement that comes with a tuned aligned body.

If we stand in front of a mirror and observe ourselves, many of us would note a forward slump, sloped shoulders, sagging neck etc. If we stand upright, we might instantly gain a couple of inches. But you’ll notice how difficult it is to maintain that posture because we are so used to slouching. Yoga cannot change our genes, but it can teach us to carry ourselves properly, and help make good posture second nature.

Spine lengthening and good posture is at the core of yoga. Asanas reinforce good posture through movement and breath work, and holding postures poses helps strengthens the core muscles.

We can improve our posture and alignment so we can stand taller, carrying our body at its full height. For example, if we sit most of the day on the sofa or at a desk, we would probably develop a slight curvature of the spine and a roundness to the shoulders. Our body would naturally assume this kind of a posture. Even when we stand up, we probably retain much of that slump, making us look shorter than you are. With correct and regular practice based on your individual capacity and strength, Yoga can help reverse this process.

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Last updated on June 24, 2019