Cittanadi | In Search Of Mind

At the crux of Yoga philosophy lies the mind and its dynamics, being both the cause of and the solution to the problems we face. It is the mind that conditions the way we react or respond to a situation and Yoga philosophy shows us how the mind can progressively be refined and even elevated to a plane where Sattva or clarity prevails, and anchors us in any situation we find ourselves. As Vyāsabhāṣyam explains so beautifully, the river of the mind (Cittanadī) can flow in two directions – either it can engage with the objects of our desires and set in motion a cycle attachment and Duḥkha (suffering) or it can sublimate itself by anchoring to something higher, to the great power that lies within. The latter is the path that meditation leads us towards. While enabling mindfulness and attention at a day to day level, meditation also leads us to an inner space of tranquility and stillness, from where one can better observe and respond to the world around.