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About Us

KRISHNA WELLNESS Yoga & Cultural Centre

Wisdom in Yoga & Wellness - Made Simple.

We live in complex times. Where only the new and exciting breaks through our overwhelmed senses. Where authenticity is sacrificed at the altar of shiny novelty. Where simplicity is a luxury few can afford.

Our world of wellness is also prey to this ‘need for new’. Be it new ideas, or even age old Indian concepts like Yoga, Ayurveda and Classical Dance, the march of the novel is relentless. Fancy ideas have hijacked original truths. After all, it is but novelty that sells.

There is no better time but now for us to choose simplicity over complexity, authenticity over fashion and wisdom in wellness. This is when we need to truly go back tour innate wisdom , - what we always knew, to soak in the kernel of ancient wisdom, and to separate the wheat from the chaff. Because the superficial excites, but never truly satisfies our need to grow or heal as people.

That’s what we at Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre do. To go back to the very root, to access timeless truths, to express them uncompromisingly for today’s complex world.

Today, everyone talks of Yoga, but we think largely in terms of Asanas, or physical postures. While these intrigue, they reflect limited understanding that do not in any way even come close to the essence of Yoga.

What then is Yoga?

Yoga in Sanskrit literally means union, when body and mind come together as one, where we experience total harmony. This idea is beautiful, yet needs simplification for daily use.

How can we simplify this further?

That’s why we went back to the primordial root of our ancient wisdom . In the Bhagavat Gita, Lord Krishna defines Yoga as Samatvam Yogam Uchyate - a state of balance & equanimity. Of body & mind, of thought & intellect, of feelings & emotions. We get excited in moments of pleasure, and sad when in moments of pain. Yoga is about maintaining mental equipoise in any situation. This equanimity is the ultimate objective of Yoga.

At Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre, we look at Yoga in a holistic manner that celebrates Wisdom in Wellness. Our Yoga follows Lord Krishna’s advice of Yogah karmasu kaushalam which simple means dexterity in action is Yoga. Perfect action leads to positive physical and mental health. Our actions should help us avoid negative experiences. Emotions such as Anger, stress and anxiety are harmful for our body and mind, and therefore should be controlled, not allowing them to disturb our positive state of mind.

What do these mean?

Simply put, Yoga is perfect action, informed by equanimity & balance. We at Krishna Wellness Yoga see Yoga as the pursuit of a constant dynamic balance with dexterity in action. Mind and body in perfect & peaceful union. Yin to each other’s Yang. We know that Asanas are crucial, in keeping our bodies in perfect shape for this larger idea. We also understand that Yoga is much more than this.

About Our Logo

Inspired by the "Peacock Feather & the Peepal Leaf", the Krishna Wellness Yoga Logo symbolizing Lord Krishna in abundant Joy.

Lord Krishna and the peacock leaf are one with eachother since time immemorial. Lord Krishna in the Bhagavat Gita summarises the path to achieving Joy in our lives with Wisdom in Wellness as 'Samathvam Yogah Uchyate' which means Equanimity or Balance.  

And our unique Yoga centre in Bangalore , set amidst ancient Peepul trees and nature is embellished by special elements signifying Wisdom and Balance for your Holistic Wellness.

We welcome you to experience Joy with Wisdom in Wellness the Krishna Wellness Way!