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Yoga and Ayurveda are 2 sides of the same coin. They both work in tandem for Svastha and Chikitsa – Health and Healing which is our credo for Holistic Wellness at Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre.

Lord Krishna in the Bhagavat Gita talks about "āhāras tv api sarvasya" which simply put means "We are what we eat". This is one of the main principles upon which Ayurveda is based on. Other texts talk about "Ahāra śhuddhau sattva śhuddhiḥ" - "By eating pure food, the mind becomes pure."

While yoga focuses on the body, breathe and mind, ayurveda focusses on your body by understanding your Prakriti – the nature of your body, your body tissues or Dhathu Saaram, your diet, and your overall wellness.


The Krishna Wellness Way

At Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre, we bring out the best of Ayurveda to not only remove any disease from the root, but most important, without creating another complication as a consequence. Our system treats not just the disease but the diseased, to bring Balance to our body mind and soul.

We bring the very best of curated Ayurvedic solutions as a way of living to bring about balance in our lives. Our commitment to the very best in Ayurveda is reflected in our well-rounded approach to this ancient yet powerful science. We believe that a perfect balance between the natural elements and the Tridoshas of Vata, Pitta, Kapha of the human body should be maintained for a healthy state of living by following the principles of this divine wisdom.

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We offer Customised Ayurveda Consultation, a unique 360 degree Ayurvedic Health Assessment and Diet Planning & Dietary Counselling services. Kindly fill the form so that we can schedule an appointment for you soon. 

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The Experience


  1. Customised Ayurveda Consultation
    The counselling sessions takes care of whether you wish to maintain your health, or you wish to cure some ailment of problem i.e. for healing.
  2. Unique 360 Degree Ayurveda Health Assessment

  1. Diet & Dietary counselling
    Diet is the very first level of embracing Ayurveda and its benefits. We appraise you of the various dietary principles of Ayurveda, which work in tandem with your basic doshas of Vaata, Pitta and Kapha. We further create multiple delightful dietary options for you to enjoy within the realm of Saatvik food (to start shortly).
    Dietary counselling, consultation and follow-ups are critical to ensure that we can stay the course with discipline. Our support groups help you to stay focused on the right diet, with the right motivation that becomes who you are over time.