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Ms. Mimi Partha Sarathy

Founder & Director of Krishna Wellness Yoga & Cultural Centre set up in 2014 with the goal of promoting the rich heritage of Indian Art, Culture, Dance and Yoga.

Certified Senior Yoga Teacher & Mentor – 800 hours Internationally Renowned KYM SKWC YTTP Programme.

Master in Finance & Masters in Marketing - Webster University in Geneva, Switzerland.

Diploma in Cost Accounting - Webster University in Geneva, Switzerland.

Managing Director Sinhasi Consultants Pvt Ltd, recognised nationally and reputed Wealth Management, Financial & Investment Planning Firm.

Over 23 years of work experience in wealth management and financial advisory services.

Part of the core team of BPAC (Bangalore Political Action Committee) - a citizen’s group that aims to improve governance and enhance the quality of life of every Bengalurean through civic engagement and advocacy.

Supports several philanthropic initiatives - Ashwini Charitable Trust, Bangalore (education of underprivileged children), Lourdes Old Age Home, CUPA – (animal welfare), etc

Supports many sustainable conservation efforts in India.

Reputed Classical Bharatanatyam Dancer and Senior Yoga Teacher and Mentor.

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Mr Shyam Ahir

Shyam has done the 300 Hours - Teachers Training Course from Yoga Alliance International. He is a very well known Physiotherapist by profession, especially for sports-persons and geriatrics, and a Yoga instructor by Passion. According to him, Yoga is something which can give physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

He has been passionately teaching Yoga for the past 4 ½ years. He considers Teaching Yoga as an opportunity to share physical, mental and spiritual wellness with his students. He is committed to making his students Happy and Healthy!

Teaching at Krishna Wellness Centre is close to his heart, and is the best thing possible in the world to him. Teaching yoga at the best place which is full of positive energy, greenery and fresh air and a very calm atmosphere is a dream come true for him.

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Mr Dinesh Chengappa

Dinesh has completed the Internationally renowned Yoga Teachers Training Program - Diploma in Yoga from Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Chennai and is a Certified Teacher from this prestigious Yoga institute. He is also a Certified Instructor from Anti Gravity® Fitness, USA. In his words, ‘Yoga is a discipline, something to start a day with, and is the best conversation with our body, breath and mind’.

He has been practising Yoga for over 14 years and Anti Gravity® Fitness for nearly 4 years. He spreads the goodness of mental and physical health and teaches yoga with great pride. He derives satisfaction when the Students feel better about their health and fitness and are happier. He feels a sense of accomplishment in helping students realise their true inner beauty by practising Yoga.

Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre was the Centre where he completed Internationally renowned Yoga Teacher Training - Diploma in Yoga Program from Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Chennai which is held exclusively in Bangalore every year at the Centre. Teaching at the very same Centre that he graduated from, he feels is a way of thanking his Gurus and enjoys spreading the great message of traditional classical Yoga in a very beautiful and a serene place.

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Mr. Basavakiran JB

Basavakiran has completed the Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga from Yoga and Sanskritam University, Florida and is currently pursuing M.Sc in Yoga from Svyasa University. He is embellished as “Yoga Ratna Awardee” from Vishwa Kalyan Mission and “Yoga Bhushana Awardee” from HRD Ministry, Government of India.

Basavakiran sees Yoga with several benefits - as a time of stillness when we need calm, a place of energy when we need uplifting, a counsellor with Spiritual Benefits, and it also strengthens your body and makes your brain feel real.

He has been teaching Yoga for over 6 years and feels that he has learnt more by teaching students and Students are his supporters in his Journey to the Core of Yoga. At Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre he enjoys the positive vibrations of the Centre and sees the place as the most realistic and authentic place for Yoga Sadhana

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Ms. Drakshayini Kari

Ms. Drakshayini Kari has completed RYS 200hours, the Advanced Asana-Vinyasa Krama Workshop (Module 1) – conducted by Krisha Wellness Yoga & Cultural Centre) & NUTRITION Course.

Her approach to Yoga is based on her belief that “Yoga is so much more than asanas – it is a way of life. Yoga is my life,My breath, My everything!”.

Her classes are designed with practice focussed on spine orientation, awareness, practice correction & strengthening. Practicing & Teaching yoga gives her immense happiness and satisfaction.

She enjoys spreading happiness she gets from Yoga to others while teaching yoga.