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What is Pranayama & Meditation?

Pranayama, as the very name explains is “regulation of breath”. Breathing is the vehicle absorbing “Prana” or the“vital force” that sustains the functioning of the human body.

The way in which we breathe has a direct influence on our body and mind which impacts our entire being.Lifestyle diseases such as Hypertension, Asthma and anxiety disorders can be rectified with correct breathing patterns. A stressful schedule has made many people take no notice of simple breathing, and when neglected, can have far reaching consequences.

We at Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga and Cultural Centre are committed towards imparting the right techniques of Pranayama for better health and well-being.

The practice of correct breathing improves cell regeneration  and ensures sufficient supply of oxygen. Additionally, the practice of correct breathing techniques also improves the quality of our performance in day today activities.

Ancient practices such as Hatha Yoga Also emphasize the importance of breathe control. The deeper the breath, the lesser are your thoughts and more silent is your mind.

It is also said that with just 3 months of  correct and regular breathing practice, all the blockages in the Nadi systems are released and  you can experience the smooth flow of PranaShakthi in the Nadis.

In  this age and generation of mobile phones, social media, internet and a whole lot of ‘outward’ connections, the art of internalisation and being with oneself has been forgotten and lost. We must make some “me time”, to explore our journey inwards and to knowing ourselves better through a simple tool called meditation.  This brings a fresh energy, complete relaxation and inner stillness, which is sustained throughout the day!

Happiness is a short lived feeling in all human beings whereas the permanent feeling of Bliss is an inherent  dormant feeling which can be achieved through meditation.

We at Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga and Cultural Centre make it our responsibility to provide you the correct method and a beautiful space for you to achieve a meditative state of mind.


Pranayama & Meditation BATCH 2020 – 2021

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What Will You Learn?

  • Various Classical Breathing Techniques
  • Various types of Khumbhaka Practices (Breathe Retention Practices)
  • To breath better - deeper and complete
  • Expanding your lung capacity
  • Correction in breathing pattern
  • Get a better breathing rhythm
  • Opening deeper layers of the Pranic system
  • Internalisation through meditation
  • Concentration and better focus

For Whom Is This Courses For?

  • For Regular Yoga Practitioners and Fitness Enthusiasts, Pranayama and Meditation improve stamina, concentration, energy levels and flexibility.
  • Regular practice of Pranayama and Meditation has great therapeutic benefits for many ailments and problems, both physical and emotional.
  • For people who cannot sit down on the ground for pranayama and meditation, the Centre will be providing chairs for the practice.

Learn Pranayama and Meditation at Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre and take back techniques to practice and relax at home

Class Timings From 7.00 AM - 8.00 AM

Classes are conducted on Every Weekends.

(Saturday and Sunday ) – 8 Classes per Month.

Success Stories

  • Mrs. Priya & Mr. Krishna

  • Mr. Doojith

  • Ms. Mala

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What is Pranayama?

Pranayama is "Prana"- that 'something' flowing and keeping us alive and 'Ayama' – to extend and stretch. By Pranayama we Practice keeping the Prana within the Body, than outside the Body. By doing this, we benefit with a calm and sharp mind and , lean , light and trim body, The experience of clarity in our thoughts can be furthered by connecting "Purusha" - the consciousness, Prana & Mind in unison and we realize gradually that they are interconnected.

What is Meditation?

In the Classical Krishnamcharya Tradition, we have combined Pranayama and Asana in Meditation and have made the postures an integral part of Meditation instead of just a step leading towards it. We should be fully comfortable in Sthira and Sukha positions of the body, so to Practice meditation without distractions from the Body and Mind. It is the proper practice of Asana in unison with Pranayama that will lead to the ideal practice of Meditation.

What do we learn in Pranamaya and Meditation?

We teach Classical Breathing Techniques, Asanas required for Pranayama Practice, Kumbhakha Practices, Improve Breathing and Lung Capacity, Correct Breathing Pattern and Rhythm, Improve the Overall Health by reducing the flow of Prana outside the body, and Meditation for Concentration and Sharp Focus.

What is the Instruction Method for Pranayama and Meditation classes ?

We follow the Classical and Traditional Krishnamacharya Style for teaching Pranayama and Meditation All the teachers for this class are certified by Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram - Chennai. The Teachers understand the Student after initial analysis. The approach is scientific and is based on the sound foundations of the techniques and principles as per the Yoga Texts following the rich Indian tradition of Yoga.

Why is the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM) Tradition different?

Krishnamacharya Style of Yoga was propounded by Late Shri. T.Krishnamacharya more than 100 years ago and was being taught by Shri. TKV Desikachar, his son to Indian and International students. Late Shri T. Krishnamacharya, often called the Father of Modern Yoga and was the master and teacher to other great Yoga teachers such as Shri BKS Iyengar, and Madame Indra Devi. The essence of the Krishnamacharya Style of Yoga is that "Yoga Practice must be tailored to fit each person, an individual must find his/her own structure". Krishnamacharya Style of Yoga has proven that Breath is Wonder Drug and Yoga can be used as a Therapy.

Who are the Yoga Trainers?

Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga & Cultural Centre Trainers for Pranayama and Meditation classes are trained in Krishnamacharya Tradition and have completed the Internationally renowned Yoga Teachers Training Course - Diploma in Yoga. They have practical experience in the training of many students. Yoga Teachers provide personal attention to every student to improve their Pranayama and Meditation Practice. For Details of Trainers please follow the Link (Dinesh and Priya).

Who can attend the Pranyama and Meditation Course? (Pre-requisite)

The Pranayama and Meditation Course are for Regular Yoga Practitioners and Fitness Enthusiasts who wish to deepen their Yoga Practice, persons seeking therapeutic benefits from physical ailments and emotional problems, and persons wishing to relax and detox themselves to Breathing practices over the weekends to be refreshed for the week.

Note: for Persons unable to sit on the Ground, Chairs shall be provided for the Practice.

What are the Benefits of the Pranayama and Meditation Course? (Benefits)

The approach in the Krishnamacharya Tradition is gradual and careful practice. The benefits include Weight Loss, Good for Skin Health, Cardiovascular health, Improves Lung Function and Capacity, Good for Nasal Passages and Sinuses, Improves Digestion, Boosts Immunity, Helps Detoxification, Improves Concentration, Improves Sleep, Reduces Stress and Depression, and improves General Health.

Where is the Pranayama and Meditation Course conducted?

Pranayama and Meditation Classes are conducted in a serene ambience amidst ancient trees and nature at Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga and Cultural Center - in the heart of Bangalore City at Malleshwaram. The traditional Yoga is spacious for each student to enjoy and fully absorb the practice. The Classes in the Tree Top Hall is set amidst Tree tops and Nature with the sound of Birds making for a great atmosphere for your Yoga Practice.

What are the Fees for Pranayama and Meditation Course?

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What are the Timings for Pranayama and Meditation Course?

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