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Sukshma Gentle Yoga


(Only on Weekdays – 5 days a week)

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abc About Sukshma Yoga

Sukshma or Gentle Yoga is very important. We understand the need for Gentle practice in Yoga for beginners and senior citizens. And this must be done in a guided and supervised manner with professional Yoga teachers to ensure that no injuries or strain happens during your yoga practice.

abc The Krishna Wellness Way

At Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre, our trained teachers know what Gentle Yoga means so you get the benefit of your yoga practice without injury or strain. Our specially designed classes will ensure that you experience Yoga with gentleness and calm.

  1. Our Yoga teachers understand that for those who are beginners to yoga practice or for senior citizens , one must communicate the process properly and progress with the practice in a slow and steady manner , ensuring comfort at all times.
  2. These classes are conducted daily to ensure that you make yoga practice a wonderful habit in a gentle and calm way. These classes consist of the the right mix of understanding and practcing asana with pranayama and meditation. Chanting is also included on some days.
  3. Practice Yoga in nature amidst ancient trees and nature and reap all its benefits for your health and fitness, weight loss or for healing.
  4. Talk to our expert teachers and take away more of what you want from your yoga practice
  5. Experience Gentle Yoga and relax, enjoy and experience love and joy before and after your classes - your serene safe space to be you!
abc The Experience
  1. Our Trainer Yoga teachers understand your need for a gentle practice of Yoga and curate and structure each class.
  2. Class begins with prayer or mantras.
  3. Gentle Suksma Warm Ups to calm and focus your mind.
  4. Main session focusses on gentle flows with breathing.
  5. Chairs and cushions can also be used during your practice to ensure greater comfort for you.
  6. Class ends with relaxation postures, Pranayama , Meditation & closing prayers.
yoga lotus
abc Benefits of Daily Yoga Practice
  • Practice Yoga in a Gentle manner which is very important for senior citizens and yoga beginners.
  • Reap the benefits of yoga practice without strain or injury.
  • Understand Yoga better for your body.
  • Cultivates awareness, relaxation, concentration and meditation