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Exclusive Ladies Batch

Only on Weekdays – 5 days a week

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abc About Exclusive Ladies Batch

For ages we have seen that many women have neglected their health either for the sake of family happiness or in trying to balance work and home. At Krishna Wellness Yoga , we believe that women must take care of themselves first so they can be at their best for their loved ones.

We believe that women must make their health a priority. Our regular classes help them effortlessly make their wellness a habit.

abc The Krishna Wellness Way

Our Yoga teachers provide a safe space for women to experience your yoga practice that is best enjoyed by you.
By talking and exchanging ideas with our expert teachers , you can take away more of what you want from your yoga practice .
Enjoy, relax, experience love and joy with your fellow women friends before and after your classes in your serene safe space to simply be you!

abc The Experience

Women focussed classes planned just for you :

  1. Class begins with prayer or mantras
  2. Warm Up Session - Breath related movements with forward, backward bends & lateral stretches specifically required for women
  3. Main Session - Vinyasa Yoga Flows, surya namaskarams and Asana practice with special individual attention to ladies and their requirements
  4. Class ends with relaxation postures, Pranayama , Meditation & closing prayers.
abc Specific Benefits of Yoga specially for women
  • Improves overall health and well – being
  • Weight management and weight loss
  • Increases overall energy levels
  • Helps in stress management
  • Helps overcome pain and stress during menstrual cycle and other specific women related issues
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