Weight loss with Yoga

A holistic approach towards Health and Wellness

The practice of yoga is considered as an effective form for weight loss management worldwide. Weight Management is a broad perspective that includes different aspects such as fat burning, diet counselling, metabolism management, muscle toning and weight loss.

Yoga is a good choice for weight loss as it balances and maintains a healthy shape resulting in effective fat loss. The best part is that unlike working out at a Gym, Yoga Asana and Pranayama can be practiced at home and a simple at home regimen is sufficient to maintain your shape.

If you are trying to lose fat aiming to reach your ideal weight & shape, then following the correct practices of authentic Yoga, taught to you by professional trained teachers who combine Yoga and Pranayama practice for fitness and health, with diet and overall wellbeing, which will finally help you achieve your fitness goals.


Weight Loss with Holistic Wellbeing

The best practices of Yoga, Pranayama and Dhyana binds the important principles of Yoga and Ayurveda to achieve goal of weight loss with perfect balance for holistic well- being.

The Weight Management program at Sri Krishna Wellness follows 4 Holistic Mantras to achieve the goals of Weight loss quick and effective.


Food and Diet







Traditional Yoga for weight loss

The renowned Master and Father of Modern Yoga Sri. T. Krishnamacharya considered as one of the most important reformer, who revived and brought Yoga to the lives of many in the early 20th century.

Traditional and authentic Yoga practices focus on the importance of well being which is a very important aspect in the correct practice of Asana, Pranayama and Dhyana resulting to be one of the most effective tools and methods of weight management and weight loss.

This technique has been meticulously learnt by our Advanced Senior Yoga Teachers from the authentic sources of Yoga which will be taught in this unique yoga for weight loss program.

Various scientific studies have also proved that many benefits are associated with the practice of yoga more effectively in weight management and weight loss.

Why Yoga is good choice for weight loss

Yoga is a wonderful medium that helps to enhance physical & mental health. There are weight loss yoga poses that aids in seamless fat burning to bring you back in shape.

It is like an aerobic exercise which is done at a very moderate speed and holds a greater advantage compared to other workouts.

Keeping ourselves healthy, fit and focused is one of the core objectives of Yoga and our senior yoga teachers will guide you towards the art of practicing different yoga asanas for weight loss.

Choosing Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre for Weight Management


Choose custom options to suit your requirements. Opt for online or offline classes with 5 convenient timings and exclusive batches for women.


Our team of professional, expert senior yoga teachers, counsellors and trainers will guide you through the best practices of yoga.


Practice Classical and traditional form of Yoga asana, Pranayama and Meditation in the authentic Krishnamacharya Yoga Tradition.


Get suggestions and counselling from our experts. We help you choose the perfect timeline and what’s right for your body and lifestyle.

Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss - The basic trilogy


Toning your shoulders, thighs and improving concentration can be achieved by Warrior pose. It also supports in improving the balance and toning.


The Trikonasana aids in improving digestion and aids fat burning around the waist. It also stimulates & improves the blood circulation in the body.


Dhanurasana is one of the best choices for weight reduction and muscle toning. Dhanurasana strengthens the muscle and improves digestion.


After the hectic day at the office, the best thing that you can possibly do is attend Yoga classes. I did exactly that which helped me lose weight as well as gave me mental peace. I would recommend everyone to join Yoga classes.

Mr. Sundar Sreenivasan

I was advised to join Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre for yoga classes by one of my friends and I was completely fascinated by it. All the teachers were quite fantastic and had a very friendly atmosphere. Moreover, they are encouraged to try out new poses. In the process, I lost 6 Kgs in just 4 months.

Ms. Deepa

Yoga classes truly restores the body, mind and spirit connection. I felt better after every yoga session guided by the best teachers from Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre. Also, the class size was ideal and thus they easily provided one on one instruction. Really happy.

Ms. Shilpa

Yoga for Weight loss

Simple Asanas for Weight Reduction

Cobra Pose

With the help of this posture, abdomen muscles are strengthened while relaxing the lower back.

Bow Pose

This pose might seem easy to perform but at the same time. It helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Plank Pose

Plank is without any doubt one of the effective poses. It helps to tone the muscles as well as burn the belly fat.

Camel Pose

Camel pose is an effective approach towards weight loss. You can perform this if not suffering from back pain.

Downward Dog Pose

The downward-facing dog pose very well helps to balance the body as well as strengthen the abs.


There are different forms of Yoga style and you should select the one that best fits your interest. Further, it would be dependent on a number of factors such as current activity level, age, temperature preference, temperament and fitness goals.

After eating, wait for an hour before you start practising Yoga. Other than this, before the Yoga class, it is completely fine to have a small snack.

You should also observe how much time is needed to digest the food before you start practising.

Yes, you can very well learn yoga online.

Practicing yoga as a regular format of exercise develops muscle toning and improves metabolism. There are specific weight loss yoga exercise that aid in weight reduction and burn excess abdominal fat.

With a regular lifestyle and fitness regime and practice of weight loss yoga one can definitely witness noticeable results within two weeks and improved toning thereafter.

The timeline for losing excess weight with yoga is dependent on various factors like lifestyle, sleep cycle, stress levels, diet, natural metabolism rate and practicing yoga regularly in the right way. Ideally one can lose anywhere between 3 -10 kgs in a month.

Yoga is always an option to effectively reduce tummy/abdominal fat. Unlike Gymnastics that makes you tired and hungry, yoga helps your body and mind feel rejuvenated and revitalised.

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Weight loss with Yoga
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