3 Tips to start yoga for weight loss

January 20, 2023 |

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Gaining the extra kilos is so easy. But losing these kilos is one of the most challenging tasks of life. Many of you are joining the gym for working out. Some of you are regular morning walkers, seeking a healthier body. But if you are truly on the hunt to find a permanent way to weight loss, the answer lies in yoga.

At Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga and Cultural Centre, we have a variety of people joining the yoga classes in Bangalore online and offline from different corners of the country. Do you know why? It’s mostly because people now understand the importance of maintaining a fit body for a healthy life.

If you think you have gained a lot of weight suddenly, then it’s time to join yoga classes regularly and shed off the extra kilos.

Yoga for beginners

If you have never been into yoga, then certain questions will pop up in your mind, like

  • Can you do the asanas properly?
  • Will you be able to lose weight through yoga and some diet control?
  • Can yoga cause weight loss?

To answer all these questions, we are writing this blog that will help you to understand that yoga is equally effective for beginners as for regulars and professionals. It’s just that you need a little guidance all through for achieving the goal.

Here are the things that will help you to start yoga for losing some weight.

Tip #1: Get a reliable guidance

Yoga is not something that you know by birth. Of course, you have gt these videos nowadays on YouTube that can teach you any yoga or exercise. But the problem begins when you start doing the same without any monitoring,

You think that your posture is correct and thus, expect the result in at least a month. But when you don’t see any change in the weight even after a couple of months you will start thinking that yoga is not at all effective.

But the problem is something else. You don’t know whether you are doing the exercise correctly. Are you lofting the body in the correct position? Is the angle of the body correct? Are you maintaining the right breathing patterns?

Unless you have proper guidance for performing yoga, you cannot expect the desired outcome. Our team of professional instructors is good at teaching yoga in both offline and online modes. So, the first step in starting yoga is to find the best yoga instructors to make sure that you are practicing the right postures.

Tip #2: Maintain a regular period

We know that most of you are too busy to practice yoga for an hour. But don’t you have at least 10 or 15 minutes every morning or evening?

Well, our yoga studio in Bangalore is inspiring every beginner in yoga to dedicate at least 10 minutes of precious time to yoga. And it can be enough to lose weight. Of course, if you maintain absolutely no restrictions on the diet, you can’t expect weight loss. At the same time, you don’t have to maintain a strict diet if you do yoga.

Therefore, maintain a healthy lifestyle, diet, and yoga for weight loss.

Tip #3: follow the instructions and advice

Our instructors will get complete details of your present health condition. If you suffer from any chronic pain or you have any physical condition like problems in the spinal cord, or any surgery, do let us know.

Our expert trainers will suggest only those yoga that will not hamper or cause pain to your existing condition. We know what postures can help you and the ones that can be harmful. Moreover, when you have specific needs like weight loss, we will suggest the exact yoga that will help you in achieving the target.

Tip #4: solutions for all

If you think that you are too aged to do yoga, you are wrong! We have a yoga regime for everyone, belonging to all age groups. If you are above 50 and you want to lose weight through yoga, we will help you in doing so.

It’s just that the nature of the asanas and other postures will vary depending on your age. Unless you discuss it with professional trainers, you will never know what yoga will be good for your age. Moreover, at an older age, it’s not feasible to try something by watching the videos available online as it can cause irreversible injuries.

Join the best classes

Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga and Cultural Centre is holding regular online yoga classes under some of the finest trainers in the city. If you want to start yoga for losing weight, then grab this opportunity.

Irrespective of your age, we welcome you all to try our regime and join the classes at your convenience to make a change in life and appearance.

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Ms. Mimi Partha Sarathy

Founder, Managing Trustee and Sr. Yoga Teacher Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India