Can you lose weight by yoga?

January 16, 2022 |

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Well, it depends on what type of yoga you are talking about. Yoga is such an exotic term that most people have not heard of before, and many don’t even know how to define it. This can make it difficult for them to decide whether or not they should start practising. But, on the other hand, the more closely related the type of yoga is to the person’s daily life, the more likely they are to stick with the practice.

Yoga is a lifestyle change that will help individuals lose weight, improve flexibility, and strengthen their health. Yoga is also a very enjoyable experience that can be enjoyed with family and friends. With the pandemic hitting the world constantly, many instructors and institutions have started online yoga classes to balance individuals’ physical and mental health.

If you want to lose weight, three yoga forms are most suitable for weight loss: 

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga is not only about stretching the muscles. The more common types of yoga focus on breathing exercises, postures and meditations. These types of yoga are to lose one’s inhibitions and focus on the inner mind. People have practised this type of yoga for centuries because it helps calm the body and mind while increasing flexibility.

The breathing exercises and meditation will not only aid weight loss; they will also help one’s overall health. In the unlikely event that someone does not lose weight when practising yoga for a certain period, they can stop for a while and resume practice after a few weeks have passed.

There are several different types of yoga, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

For example, some people may find Hatha Yoga too challenging, while others may find Kundalini Yoga too complicated. The most important thing to remember is that each person should choose the type of yoga they like best while ensuring that they enjoy the experience. The best type of yoga will be one that the individual will want to do.

Hatha Yoga is very much like a common or traditional style of yoga. The goal of Hatha Yoga is to stretch, strengthen and relax muscles with the help of different poses and breathing exercises. This yoga style focuses on learning how to control the body while also focusing on becoming one with oneself.

Yoga classes in Bangalore offer all types of yoga and practices to lose weight and maintain your mental health.

Each pose associated with this type of yoga has a particular meaning behind it, so knowing what each pose means before practising it can also aid in losing weight. In addition, each pose helps stretch certain muscles in the body, strengthen others, and aid in breathing exercises.

Some people may find Hatha Yoga to be boring, especially if they are more focused on improving their health and losing weight rather than just stretching. In this case, it may be wise to try the other types of yoga that are more focused on weight loss.

Kundalini Yoga is a very popular style of yoga because it focuses on breathing and meditation. This form of yoga is typically done in a group or class setting with an instructor instead of practising it by oneself at home or in front of a mirror.

This type of yoga focuses on breathing techniques while meditating and chanting certain mantras. The goal is to bring one’s spirituality to heights that one never thought possible.

Which yoga to consider for losing weight?

Kundalini Yoga is often used to cleanse the body and mind of negative energy. If done correctly, Kundalini Yoga can aid in weight loss, mental clarity and even help individuals sleep better at night.

Vinyasa Yoga is a very fast-paced style of yoga that focuses on certain techniques that are quite similar to Tai Chi. Vinyasa Yoga uses specific poses while incorporating some movements that are also similar to martial arts. This style of yoga takes into account breadth and balance, making it an excellent form of exercise for both body and mind.

Vinyasa Yoga is a very light-hearted type of yoga where people focus on improving their strength while increasing their flexibility. This type of yoga is also great for people who are unsure whether they like yoga or not. In this case, it can be a very positive experience.

Vinyasa Yoga can be practised anytime and anywhere because of its “body flow” style, where everyone moves at the same pace and in unison.

Over the years, Vinyasa Yoga practitioners have become very flexible. People will want to do this type of yoga day after day due to how much fun it is.

As previously mentioned, yoga is now more commonly known as a method for weight loss than an exercise routine. While this is not entirely true, some yoga styles are better suited for weight loss.

Traditional Yoga and Hatha Yoga focus mainly on stretching and strengthening the body’s muscles. With that said, it is no wonder that people tend to lose weight when practising these forms of yoga.

This type of yoga will help stretch the muscles for both weight loss and overall body health. This form of yoga aims to teach people how to control their bodies while also focusing on breathing. This can be enjoyable for many people who do not like fast-paced activities or want a relaxing and easy practice.

Can you lose weight by yoga?

Hatha Yoga focuses mainly on stretching and strengthening the muscles of the body. This type of yoga is also very focused on breathing exercises to strengthen one’s core and improve flexibility.

Like Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga does focus on strengthening one’s muscles. However, the difference with this type of yoga is that it focuses more on breathing techniques and meditations to help one achieve a greater sense of spirituality.

The main goal of this type of yoga is to bring the mind and body closer together, which brings people peace and happiness within themselves. However, this form of yoga can be boring for some individuals because they will be doing slower poses while focusing solely on their breathing.


This is only a short overview of the benefits of yoga for weight loss. There are many other things that yoga can do to improve an individual’s health and fitness level. It is important to note that not all forms of yoga are meant for weight loss, and there are many other types of yoga out there without focusing on weight loss.

Any yoga done with a positive attitude will help individuals improve their body’s flexibility, strength, and overall health metrics, leading to weight loss. However, it is best to choose the form or type of yoga that one likes most to enjoy the experience for many years to come. So, if you are looking for a yoga studio in Bangalore, visit the best in the town: KWC, for all your fitness needs.

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