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What essence of Yoga are we missing in today’s world where it seems like everyone is doing Yoga?

October 13, 2020 |

Read Time: 2 minutes

Yoga seems to be the most common thing done today and almost everyone says that they are ‘practicing’ Yoga. But the important question is whether what we are doing is really Yoga at all! In order to answer this question and the subsequent follow up of what is the essence of Yoga and whether we are getting that essence, one needs to know what Yoga is and then contemplate if what we are doing is Yoga.

Yoga is such a broad and far-reaching term that it’s extremely difficult to describe it or bring out its essence in a few words! At a spiritual level, Yoga is the union of the individual Self with the Supreme Self. At a worldly level Yoga is about being in the present.

  • Yoga is all about being mindful and mindfulness;
  • Yoga is complete parity in our thoughts, feelings and behaviour;
  • Yoga is about attaining what was unattainable;
  • Yoga is about operating at our 100% potential;
  • Yoga is about calming and stabilising the mind completely;
  • Yoga is about having absolute clarity. And Yoga is so much more.

Today, the Yoga practice most of us talk about refers many a times to the physical aspect or the asana practice of Yoga. Many practitioners are doing various postures and many times pretty challenging ones to improve their flexibility and build their strength. Is this Yoga? Asana is surely an important aspect of Yoga, – it is only a part of Yoga and not all of it. This is clearly seen in Astanga Yoga as Asana is only one limb of Yoga – the 3rd limb. Asana is just one component of Yoga. And asana is not just about doing various advanced postures. In order for these postures to qualify as asanas, there has to be a complete coordination of the body, breath and mind.

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Ms. Mimi Partha Sarathy

Founder, Managing Trustee and Sr. Yoga Teacher Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India