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How much do online yoga classes cost in India?

September 25, 2021 |

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Yoga can be defined as an exercise that ultimately helps to stay fit and healthy. You’d be surprised to discover that Yoga can also earn you a lot of money. All you have to become an expert yoga instructor and gain the necessary skills by enrolling in a Yoga certification program.

A certification program helps in gaining knowledge and skills in your area of interest and turn it into a career. And, if you’ve understood about yoga certification, it’s essential to understand more about the advantages it can provide. Aside from keeping you fit and active, yoga skills can help you become a yoga instructor and make money by offering a few yoga classes per week. You can also provide online yoga classes to attract people from different parts of the country.

Importance of Yoga in India


There is no doubt that a yoga instructor is widely respected throughout their career. In India, a yoga trainer or instructor is known as a Guru. The popularity of these yoga gurus is increasing over the years because everyone wants to learn about the benefits of yoga practice.
Yoga sessions nowadays are available everywhere, not just from conventional gurus but also from well-versed yoga practitioners. There seem to be numerous organizations, small businesses, assemblies, and so on where the popularity of a yoga teacher is continuing to increase on a daily basis.

Advantages of online yoga classes in India

01 Daily yoga classes

You can introduce far more convenience to your meetings by accessing online yoga classes. If you have difficulties understanding Yoga in public, learning the asanas online will be of great assistance to you. Yoga can result in healthy and fit by allowing you to practice it in the comfort of your own home.

Access numerous classes- When you take Yoga online, you have access to a wide variety of classes throughout the day. You can even switch coaches and pick the best one from the possible choices. When you gain knowledge of Yoga on YouTube, it becomes much more viable since you can easily shift pathways and determine the best instructor for you.

Time as per your convenience : People frequently disregard learning Yoga due to the commonality of yoga sessions with their working time. Nevertheless, the most considerable advantage of online yoga sessions is the ability to select your own specific time. Yoga can be practiced at any moment of the day that is convenient for you.

Learn at your own pace : Everybody’s rate of noticing items varies. Whenever it comes to knowledge yoga, the very same thing occurs. While starting to learn in a yoga studio, you may find it challenging to keep up with the pace of your classmates. When understanding Yoga online, there is no such problem. You can study at your speed without fear of embarrassment when you’re not expected to fit anyone’s pace, as may occur in offline yoga classes. Therefore, only make preparations to understand at your own pace!
There are multiple kinds of Yoga that you should exercise on a daily level to maintain your body nutrition.

Cost of online yoga classes – The ordinary cost of online yoga sessions in Bangalore is Rs.1500 to 3000 per month. But it might differ according to the location.


The rate would then vary depending on a number of variables, including:

  • The level of expertise the instructor has in the matter of Yoga.
  • The course’s period also varies.
  • Ninety-seven percent of the teachers provide their first lecture at no cost.

Best Yoga to stay healthy

  • Bhujangasana : If you practice Bhujangasana, also recognized as cobra pose, on a regular schedule, you will reap substantial advantages. This Yoga enhances the spine, tones the buttocks, encourages the digestive system, open the heart and lungs, and so forth. Bhujangasana is a simple mechanism.
  • Sirsasana : Sirsasana helps to induce relaxation and release tension; it enhances the arms, legs, spine, and digestive and abdominal organs. For those with the proper balance, this asana is very simple. All you have to do is balance your body on your head. People and children with glaucoma, on the other hand, should prevent this asana.
  • Halasana : It is also recognized as the plow pose, assists to calm the mind, provokes the thyroid glands, alleviates menopausal symptoms, diminishes stress and fatigue, and extends the spine. This asana is simple to perform.
  • Dhanurasana : Dhanurasana, also defined as a bow pose, is a yoga posture that furthers the back muscles and enhances posture. It also aids in elongating the complete front of the body, including the ankles, thighs, etc. It even enhances your abdominal and neck organs. In this Yoga, you need to support your legs with your hands and then straighten your body on your back. People with neck or back pain, migraine, or high blood pressure and those who have had recent abdominal surgery should avoid this pose.


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Ms. Mimi Partha Sarathy

Founder, Managing Trustee and Sr. Yoga Teacher Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India