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How Pranayama and Meditation helps in work-life balance

March 30, 2020 |

Read Time: 5 minutes

There are Two-Ways of achieving a light body and alert mind – the practice of Yoga Asanas and Pranayama.

In Asanas, you locate knots and resistances in your body and remove them. You must approach this practice in a gentle, slow and steady manner. If you feel unease and pain, it is better to stop or this may get worse. Seek help from experienced teachers to overcome this.

In Pranayama, we get into a steady and perfect posture. Like Ananta, King of Serpents carries the world on his head while Maha Vishnu rests on his body. The body is firm yet is like a comfortable bed and the head is alert. This is Sthirasukha – Firm yet Comfortable.

By Asana and Pranayama, we achieve good physical health. The body endures long periods of being in a standing or sitting position. This also helps us to overcome strains of our everyday lives.

We get complete control over our body and mind. But, this happens with regular Yoga practice with correct breathing and you can experience the progress. We will know how the body responds to different situations. We become aware and sensitive, we adapt with ease.

How it helps Work-Life Balance?

To me, work and life are not two different things. They are our activities in our life. To make a case, a typical homemaker will be unable to draw a line on work and life. The difference if we notice is love and passion. Love for the family, Passion for the Work at home.

Alert Mind and Light Body – Who would not like to be alert and calm in trying circumstances. We could have a difficult day in the office, pressure from customers at work, or the baby is suffering from fever. Pranayama removes unnecessary anxiety, stress and depression. You can focus on tasks at hand and with ease.

Concentration – We have plenty of energy and we wither it away on many unwanted activities. We start reading a book and lo, within 10 mins we are taking a break or get distracted and try something else. By Pranayama and Meditation practice, we can improve our concentration for longer times.

Discipline – Yoga brings discipline in our activity. When we commit to 1-hr of Yoga and keep up with regular practice, we can do the same with work or study.

Food Habits – Yoga brings sensitivity to our Body. We are able to see if our food intake is affecting our clarity and physical health. We become conscious of what we eat and tend to choose the right food suitable for our body.

Good Sleep – We are able to catch some good sleep for nourishing our body. Good sleep is most important to complement   good physical and mental work done in our Office/Home.

How does Yoga help our Work?

Do More in Less Time – We are able to achieve more in less time due to alert mind. We commit fewer mistakes and do less rework.

Best Utilisation of Time – We are able to best utilise our Time and we can experience the change in our approach.

Accept Changes – We are able to embrace changes, look for positive action, and become proactive.

Stress and Negativity – We do away with stress and feel charged with positive thoughts in the day.

Better Breath – We have longer breathing cycles, which help in keeping anxiety at a distance.

Better Relationships – We are able to cultivate better relationships at home and work. We will now cherish good relatives and friends and celebrate our Life on this planet.

I hope you have started thinking about joining Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation classes. Please get in touch with us at krishnawellness.com. We will be glad to get you started.

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Ms. Mimi Partha Sarathy

Founder, Managing Trustee and Sr. Yoga Teacher Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India