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June 1, 2021 |

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Maintaining an ideal weight for the body is important as it promotes health benefits. An excessive weight that is not according to our BMI (body mass index) can lead to obesity. Obesity is a disorder that is mostly ignored by many people in our country and one of the major symptoms of obesity is overweight. Obesity can lead to issues like snoring, back pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, etc. and if it is not controlled at the correct time it may also lead to heart problems. Hence it is important to have an ideal weight according to our height. 

Gaining or losing weight depends upon the body type of every individual. For example, Some people are blessed with a body where they don’t gain weight even if they eat more, or for some people, the weight is maintained because of their height. On the other hand, few people have to work hard even to lose a few extra kilos. No matter what the reason and body type are, the ultimate goal is to have a healthy body and mind which is possible through yoga. There might be some people who feel that they are comfortable with their body even after being overweight but one has to realize that by maintaining an ideal weight we will be more comfortable as it keeps us active, increases our metabolism, keeps health issues at bay, and good looks is the bonus. It is a myth that weight loss is impossible for few people.

The weight loss journey through yoga might be difficult but not impossible. All you have to do is show some dedication and know the right way of weight loss. Yoga includes weight loss yoga asanas and weight loss yoga exercises that are effective to lose the overall weight of the body. Let us know the benefits of losing weight. 

  1. You will be energetic: As mentioned before, weight loss improves our metabolism and as you lose those extra kilos you will feel light, less tired, and hence more energetic, which will also make you more productive at work. 
  2. Reduces stress:  During weight loss, a healthy diet plays a very important role as you eat nutritious food during this phase instead of the processed food it reduces stress and anxiety because processed food contains high fat, sugar, salt content that triggers the stress hormones.  
  3. Improves immunity:  Being overweight puts a lot of stress on the immune system that leads to cold, fever, and illness frequently. Losing weight will make the immune system stronger and improve overall health. 
  4. Balanced hormones:  Overweight can lead to diseases like thyroid, PCOS/PCOD, especially in women due to the imbalance of hormones, with moderate weight thyroid will be able to promote balanced hormones.  
  5. Clear skin & good sleep:  As you are having nutritious food and a balanced diet which mostly includes fruits and vegetables it will bring glow on your face and as you perform yoga that includes cardio, meditation you will have a relaxed mind and body through which you can sleep better. 

Now as we know the benefits of losing weight it must not be difficult to do it when the goals are set. At Sri Krishna Wellness Centre we have weight loss yoga for beginners, advanced weight loss yoga poses that are effective for the overall well-being. With the term weight loss, we do not mean to put your body and mind to stress or to starve yourselves. In fact, with yoga, you can enjoy whatever you are doing and yet be benefitted from it. Weight loss needs to be done healthily and here are some tips that will help you excel in this challenge. 

  1. Wear comfortable clothes:  Yoga is all about relaxing your mind and body hence it is necessary to wear comfortable clothes in which you can perform all the weight loss yoga asanas without any difficulty. Avoid any type of belts or heavy jewelry that would make you uncomfortable. 
  2. Learn from an experienced yoga teacher: Although one can learn yoga themselves it is always better to learn from an experienced yoga teacher who will explain the importance of each asana on every part of the body and also they explain how to avoid any kind of injuries while performing the asana. 
  3. Know your capabilities:  Don’t hurry to start the advanced yoga poses. Each body is unique and the flexibility also differs. Don’t strain your body on the first day itself. Know how much your body is capable of doing and gradually you can increase the levels. 
  4. Breathe:  Yoga is all about breathing. Apart from the breathing exercises that relax our mind and body, it is also necessary to inhale and exhale while you are performing any kind of weight loss yoga exercises. 
  5. Keep a smile and enjoy it:  Don’t think weight loss from yoga is a difficult mission that you need to complete. You need to enjoy every yoga asana. Try to make it the favorite part of your routine, this way you will automatically have fun, and don’t forget to smile as it will calm your mind. 
  6. Know when to perform yoga:  It is advisable to stay light while you are performing yoga hence either do it with an empty stomach or always keep a gap of at least 2-3 hours before you start practicing it. 
  7. Warm-up:  Before you start any kind of exercise it is important to warm up a little as it will loosen up your muscles the same thing applies to yoga. Massaging your head, rotating the neck clockwise & anticlockwise, pumping up the shoulders, stretching your hands and legs are a few of them. 
  8. Practice frequently:  With regular practice, you can not only lose those extra kilos but you can master any kind of advanced yoga. And as yoga gives us so many health benefits it is worth taking out time to practice even though it is just for 30 mins. 
  9. Be aware of any medical conditions:  If you are facing any kind of medical issues or any ailments let your yoga instructor know about this as they can suggest to you which yoga is suitable to perform according to your medical conditions. 
  10. Relax:  As soon as you are done with your yoga practice you might feel active but don’t gear up for the routine as soon as you finish the practice. Let your body calm for a few minutes. You can practice Savasana for few minutes then start up your routine.



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Ms. Mimi Partha Sarathy

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