Which Pranayam is Best for Back Pain

February 15, 2022 |

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Do you have back pain? Are you finding it hard to sit in a chair for several hours? There may be several reasons for back pain but the difficulties you face may make you face endless difficulties. Regardless of the reasons for back pain, you need to avoid those pain killing medicines and try the alternative measures to get rid of the pain. One of the best measures to say goodbye to back pain is practicing yoga.

With yoga, the techniques clear the mind by focusing on the present movement and allow the body to gains strength and flexibility. The breath is a major aspect of pranayama and each inhalation infuses energy in the body and mind. At Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga & Cultural Center, a reputed yoga studio in Bangalore, experts teach breath control or pranayama to offer relief from upper and lower back pain.

Causes of back pain:

Back pain may develop without any cause but the doctor investigates the exact reason for the pain. The following points demonstrate the common causes of back pain.

  • Strain in the muscles or ligament

Due to heavy lifting work and sudden movements, the muscles and ligaments may strain and repeated activities may cause the back muscles to cause pain or spasms.

  • Arthritis

Osteoarthritis may affect the lower back, resulting in narrowing of the spinal cord or a condition also called spinal stenosis.

  • Damage to the disks

The disks provide cushioning between the spine and bones. However, when the soft material inside the disk ruptures or inflates, back pain is the obvious reason.

Some of the factors that increases the risk of back pain are age, excessive weight, diseases, psychological factors, and smoking.

Pranayama and back pain:

Pranayama or breath control is as good as meditation and there are various poses that offer help in easing back pain. If you are wondering how, the techniques of meditation and breathing exercises help in reducing back pain as it creates a connection between the body and mind.

  • If you are aware of the significance of the breathing patterns and its rate and rhythm, it helps in reducing back pain through a strong focus on the breath instead of back pain.
  • During pranayama, you need to ensure that the length of inhalation and exhalation are similar and you need to practice them in the sitting position. So, you can do pranayama, sitting at the desk in your car.
  • Through the meditation techniques during pranayama, the back muscles can be released and reduce the pain through concentration on the techniques and not on the pain.
  • During the pranayama techniques, you need to concentrate in the inhalation and exhalation techniques; although you may not forget the pain entirely, it helps people in coping with the pain.
  • Through the pranayama techniques, you may stay mindful about the mind and body.
  • Pranayama is a special technique that provides relief from back pain although it is not a physical activity; you may easily incorporate them into the daily schedule.

At Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga & Cultural Center, we offer yoga classes in Bangalore where the expert yoga instructors offer the best techniques to deal with the back pain.

The medical fraternity is also aware of the benefits of yoga as an alternative technique to get relief from back pain. Pranayama capitalizes on the power of breath to allow the cosmic energy to flow in the body and provide relief from various ailments.

Getting relief:

The breathing techniques you practice in pranayama provide a miraculous relief from back pain as it comforts the spine permanently. Although it is not like the bodily techniques of yoga, pranayama focuses on the relief of the life force or cosmic energy to make the spine healthy and free from pain. The exercises of pranayama treat back pain from the root and kill the symptoms.

However, the relief may not come overnight. It is only through regular practice sessions that the back pain tends to go gradually. If you are suffering from chronic back pain and no amount of medicines provide relief to the symptoms, try to follow the pranayama breathing techniques, under the guidance of experts and practice them daily to get relief.

  • For practicing pranayama, you need to find a comfortable place to seat or stand still.
  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths through the nose.
  • During inhalation and exhalation of the breath, you need to count five and repeat the process for about one to three minutes.
  • Never lie down when practicing pranayama as it does more harm to your health.

The final word:

Anyone facing the problem of back pain, whether in the upper and lower back can try the pranayama techniques under the guidance of the experts initially and try them on their own later to continue enjoying the relief.

At Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga & Cultural Center, we offer online yoga classes and teach the students the techniques of pranayama to experience relief from back pain. You can learn the techniques initially and continue practicing them at home to stay fit.

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Ms. Mimi Partha Sarathy

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