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Yoga poses that will help you to study well for your exams

August 3, 2021 |

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It is rightly said that yoga is a boon to mankind and we are blessed to have it as a part of Indian culture. Yoga is a medicine that not only has the power to heal physical and mental illness but also resolves any kind of issues that we are facing in our life. Be it peace of mind, anxiety, anger issues, or low self-esteem yoga can cure them all. All it takes is regular practice and dedication. By including yoga in our daily routine we can enjoy several benefits related to our physical and mental health. The only way to overcome any difficulty in life is to face the challenge and yoga gives us the courage to deal with it. Yoga lets a person enjoy his work by improving concentration and by teaching patience. Many people have tried different forms of exercises/ workouts and have chosen yoga above all because unlike other forms yoga doesn’t focus only on physical strength. It creates harmony between physical, mental, spiritual health which is much needed to lead a happy life. Yoga enthusiasts enjoy practicing different asanas and yoga poses. It also adds glow to their skin and people who practice yoga are the happiest people in the world!

yoga can help reduce stress

Yoga can be practiced by everyone regardless of age, gender, health issues. Today at this time where the whole world is in pain. Where anxiety, fear is looming everywhere yoga gives us much needed strength. With all these things happening around us students are getting affected. With the various changes taking place in their academic sessions, students are unable to focus on their studies. Another reason for lack of concentration could be the excessive usage of screen time. Children are mostly attracted to electronic devices be it television, smartphone, music players, or tablets this poses an addiction that distracts the students from learning new things or focussing on any particular subject. Also, the processed food which is high in sugar, fat that students keep eating affects negatively to physical and mental health. All these habits lead to lack of sleep, anxiety, depression, stress during exams, and students start feeling pressurized. This not only makes them unfocussed but students also struggle to recall things that they have already learned. Although every student differs and grasps things according to their capacity it is important to keep their mind relaxed and try to be calm so that they can study well for exams and their hard work doesn’t go in vain. Apart from avoiding the above mentioned habits, one needs to cultivate good things in their lifestyle that will help them to concentrate on studies and yoga is the best remedy for this.

To improve concentration the most important thing is to have peace of mind. Yoga is a proven therapy for physical, mental, spiritual well-being. Yoga includes meditation that works magically in improving concentration and helps to stay focussed. Meditation doesn’t even require a lot of effort. All you have to do is close your eyes and sit quietly in a room that is away from all the disturbances. Yoga also contains balancing postures and pranayama that are centered on concentration, focuses on the breath. They help us to concentrate on the present moment.

causes stress.PSD

Five amazing yoga poses that will help you excel in exams

  1. Surya Namaskar: Surya Namaskar is made of 12 poses that engage different parts, organs, glands present in the body. It improves the blood circulation in the body and hence makes us energetic. It helps to develop strength, flexibility, and stability of the body and mind. If done correctly with controlled movements of breath it will also improve the lung capacity. You will benefit the most from it if you practice Surya namaskar at least 4- 5 times in the morning before you start studying.
  2. Matsyasana (Fish pose): Practicing this pose will improve blood circulation in the head and relieve pain in the neck and back area that might be caused due to continuously sitting at one particular place for a very long time.To perform this start by sitting in the position of padmasana then hold your toes and lean back until your head touches the ground. Make sure that your back is not touching the floor. Hold this position for a few seconds and then return to the original position.
  3. Virasana ( Hero pose ): Hero pose is also a great way that helps in improving concentration.To perform this, kneel down and keep your inner thighs and knees together then move your feet outward and sit back. Make sure your legs are on your side and your knees are on the floor. Hold this position for a few minutes and then return to the original position.
  4. Bhramari pranayama ( Bee breathing): This breathing technique helps to release stress and help get rid of anxiety, depression if any, and thus helps in improved memory.To perform this, sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes with the help of your index or thumb finger. Take a long deep breath in and while exhaling make a long humming sound like a bee. You can do this three to five times.
  5. Vajrasana (Diamond pose or thunderbolt pose): This is the simplest form of yoga pose but gives great benefits. It not only improves concentration but also helps in digestion.To do this kneel down on the floor and sit on your knees. Make sure your head, back, neck are in a line. While performing this concentrate on your breath. Hold this position for 10 minutes and relax.

While yoga seems easy, if you are a beginner it is recommended to practice under the supervision of yoga experts. If you are someone who is unable to focus and looking to join yoga classes in Bangalore join Sri Krishna Wellness yoga center. The best yoga studio in Bangalore. Our experts will provide you some easy tips for yoga that will not only help you to stay focused but will help you come out of the exam center with flying colors !

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Ms. Mimi Partha Sarathy

Founder, Managing Trustee and Sr. Yoga Teacher Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India