Watch Mrs. Revathy Ashok CEO of B.PAC talking about her amazing experience about Yoganajali

Mrs. Revathy Ashok CEO of B.PAC talking about her amazing experience at the Unique Yoga Workshop Yoganjali which was held on Sunday June 9th 2019. She speaks about the importance of Yoga being taught as a science from a credible Yoga school, the importance of proper certification of teachers , the most important aspect of Yoga which is how to avoid injury to body or to one’s health with the practice of Yoga & Pranayama and the benefits of the correct Yoga practice. She also thanks Ms. Mimi Partha Sarathy Founder and Managing Trustee for setting up Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga & Cultural for their work being done for spreading classical and authentic yoga. Call 9900518000 | 9606618000 for more details

Glimpses of the Unique Yoga Workshop Yoganjali

Glimpses of the Unique Yoga workshop Yoganjali which was held on June 9th a few weeks ago which showcased the practice and the principle of the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM) style of Yoga. 200 participants came and experienced this half day Yoga workshop which began at 7.00 am and ended at 12.30 pm . The workshop began with asana practice followed by breakfast for all the participants after which there was the invocation and chanting by the senior mentors and teachers of KYM. This was followed by a discussion and lecture by Shri .S. Shridharan Sir about the lineage of KYM and late Sri T.krishnamacharya s journey and traditions of Yoga. Dr . Latha Satish spoke about Yoga and You and the importance of understanding what Yoga means for us as individuals as per the KYM tradition.Shri.V Srinivasan discussed the various principles and techniques of asana, pranyama and dhyana practice . Questions were asked by the participants which were also answered by the senior Yoga teachers of KYM. Ms.Mimi Partha Sarathy spoke about the importance of origin and tradition in Yoga , the essence of the KYM tradition , the main reasons for Yoga practice and other important aspects of Yoga . We can also see the testimonials of how some of the participants felt by experiencing the workshop showcasing the KYM style of Yoga. Call 9900518000 | 9606618000 for more details |
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Yoganjali – A Yoga Workshop Event in Bangalore that took the city by storm!

June 14, 2019 | Mimi Partha Sarathy

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A Yoga Workshop like None Other. A unique half day workshop, as a precursor to the International Day of Yoga Celebrations, was organised and conducted by Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga and Culture Centre at Woodlands Hotel, Bangalore on 9th June 2019.  The workshop show cased the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram Style of Yoga, The workshop was held between 7.00 am and  12.30pm.

Yoganjali – Not just another Yoga Workshop in Bangalore

It was a full house 200 yoga practitioners who participated in the workshop! This was one event where the workshop, location, teachers, facilitators, participants, volunteers, organisers, content, food everything fell in place to perfection!  Every person who was part of the Yoganjali workshop, in whatever capacity, went back home extremely fulfilled. Many people were heard commenting that after a long time a Sunday was so well spent!

A Precursor to International Day of Yoga 2019

Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre took it upon itself to organise a workshop as a precursor to the International Yoga Day which is celebrated on 21st June every year. This Yoganjali workshop was also to be a gateway to the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram(KYM) Yoga Teacher’s Training Program which is an internationally acclaimed course. KYM is one of the top yoga schools in India and stands out for its excellence, humility, depth and grounding in tradition.

Every year, Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre   in  association with Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram conducts the Diploma in Yoga –  Yoga Teacher’s Training Program  in Chennai for 2 years now and people from all over the country and abroad queue up to join this course. This course was offered for the first-time outside Chennai in 2017 in Bangalore exclusively at Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre. The Centre conducts this program in Bangalore over the weekends and the faculty comes from Chennai to teach every weekend. Two batches of students have successfully graduated, and everyone is eagerly awaiting the next program to start on 22 June 2019. Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre has taken it upon itself to promote and spread the KYM style of classical and traditional yoga far and wide.

Presenting the Principles, Techniques & Uniqueness of KYM style of yoga

The Yoganjali workshop showcased the basic principles, techniques and uniqueness of the KYM tradition and enabled the participants to get a firsthand experience of asana, pranayama and dhyana components of yoga. The workshop was spearheaded by senior teachers of KYM who reached across to the participants in an extremely simple but effective way. The entire hall of participants followed the teachers and grasped the essence of the workshop that yoga is a way of life and anyone and everyone can undertake this journey! 

 It was a sight to, early in the morning people queuing up to register and eagerly waiting for the workshop to unfold.  There was this positivity and energy in the air which stayed all through the duration of the workshop. The workshop started with an asana practice guided by KYM senior teachers and so many participants simultaneously doing the asanas. It was followed by a session of explaining the tenets of yoga as per the KYM tradition founded on the teachings of Krishnamacharya, regarded as the Father of Modern Yoga, and TKV Desikachar who took his father’s teachings to the masses. And finally, a session of pranayama and dhyana for the participants to immerse themselves and experience the body, mind and breath coordination.

It was commendable the way the event was organised. The organisers Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre  along with a group of volunteers who were KYM trained teachers and who had graduated just a month back seamlessly worked at ensuring that the participants were comfortable, teachers were taken care of and the workshop went as per plan on time. It was an overwhelming sight to see the strong conviction written large on the face of the Organisers And Volunteers To Take The KYM Tradition Forward. SRI KRISHNA WELLNESS YOGA CENTRE  and each member of the team joyfully took up and did whatever was required to ensure the success of the workshop.  

This unique workshop was meant for all :

  • For a beginner trying to understand what Yoga is and what Yoga will suit you
    For a regular practitioner of Yoga for his/her health and fitness
  • For an advanced Yoga practitioner who wants to deepen and better his practice of asanas , pranayama and meditation
  • For a Yoga teacher –who wants to get more knowledge about Yoga from a reputed Yoga institution with a strong Guru – Shishya Parampara


  • 7.00 am to 8.00  am –  Classical and TraditionalAsana Practice for experiencing  and understanding your  Body conducted by Shri. V Srinivasan and Shri Arul.
  • 8.00 am to 8.45 am  – Breakfast and Refreshments
  • 8.45 am to 9.00 am – Lighting of the Lamp with Chanting
  • 9.00 am  to  9.30 am –Yoganjalisaram _ Presenting the life and teaching of Shri T Krishnamacharya and Shri T K V Desikachar – by Shri S. Sridharan .
  • 9.30 am to 10.00 am –“Yoga for you” – Presentation of unique principles and techniques of Yoga in the KYM tradition. – by Dr. Latha Satish
  • 10.00 am to 10.30 am – Principles and  Techniques of   Asana , Pranayama and Dhyana practice  – lecture demonstration – Shri  V Srinivasan and  Shri Arul
  • 10.30 am to 10.50 am – Break
  • 11.00 am to 12.30 pm – Pranayama  and Dhyana session for experiencing the Breath and Mind Dr. Latha Satish and Shri  V Srinivasan
  • 12.30 pm Lunch

Course Faculty:

  • Shri S. Sridharan  – Trustee & Senior Yoga Therapist , Mentor and Consultant – KYM, Chennai, Member-Indian Yoga  Association ,
  • Dr. Latha Satish – Senior Mentor, Therapist &  Consultant Therapist  – Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram –  – Chennai
  • Shri  V Srinivasan  – Executive Director, Yoga Therapist Consultant and Teacher Trainer – Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram – Chennai
  • Shri Arul – Advanced Asana Teacher , Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram-Chennai

The workshop was very well designed with enough takeaways for all the participants.Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre ensured that all participants were given a Certificate of Participation at the end of the workshop. There were breaks to ensure that the participants were provided with a sumptuous breakfast and there was lunch also once the workshop wound up. Yoga mats were laid out for all the participants well before their arrival and every query, doubt was addressed by the organisers very promptly. 

 The Yoganjali workshop was a heartening reiteration of the relevance of yoga in our lives and more specifically of the classical and the traditional style of yoga which KYM stands for.

Watch – Glimpses of the Unique Yoga Workshop Yoganjali:

Watch Mrs. Revathy Ashok CEO of B.PAC talking about her amazing experience about Yoganajali:

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Mimi Partha Sarathy

Ms. Mimi Partha Sarathy

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