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Exclusive Ladies Batch in Bangalore

We understand that ladies would like to practice their daily Yoga in the comfort of other ladies. And so we have a special exclusive ladies only batch at Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre.


From Monday To Friday

Come experience and learn yoga from the best yoga school in Bangalore. Join the exclusive Yoga classes for Ladies and learn from the best yoga teachers in Bangalore . Practice your daily yoga at the special Ladies Batch designed specifically keeping health of women in mind.

Very Convenient Batch Timings

9.30 AM TO 10.30 WEEKDAYS

Naukasana Boat Yoga Pose demonstrated by ladies at our yoga classes in malleshwaram, bangalore

Benefits of Yoga for women

Regular Yoga practice for women of all ages benefits body, mind and spirit. Other than body flexibility and releasing from stress, yoga has major health benefits for women.

  • Improves overall health and well – being
  • Weight management and weight loss
  • Increases overall energy levels
  • Helps in stress management
  • Helps overcome pain and stress during menstrual cycle, and other specific women related issues
  • Improves flexibility
  • Builds muscle strength
  • Boosts immune system
  • Fights Depression
  • Promotes Sleep Quality
  • Increases strength
  • Helps improve breathing
  • Improves Heart Health

Exclusive Ladies Batch - Class Structure

  • Focus is on breathing and engaging of the respiratory system completely
  • Class begins with Om-kara chanting.
  • Breath related movements which involve forward, backward bends & lateral stretches
  • Surya Namaskara and Vinyasa Yoga Flows
  • Asana practice with individual attention to the ladies and their requirements
  • Pranayama practice
  • Concluded with Shanthi Mantra

Success Stories

Ms.Shilpa a student at our srikrishnawellness and yoga centre with her success story img

Experience and benefits:I absolutely love it. The teachers are great and the ambience is very serene. Great way to start the day. It has made me much fit and flexible, mentally I feel much fresher, calmer and focused.

Ms. Shilpa Rao
Ms. Smitha.B.R at our srikrishnawellness and yoga centre with his success story img

Experience and benefits: Very good, quite informative & therapeutic, very peaceful environment. Yoga has helped me to reduce my weight to an extent and I have more energy left to do my other work throughout the day. It has increased my flexibility and it has also improved my concentration.

Ms. Smitha.B.R

Experience Our Centre

Pre-requisites for Exclusive Ladies Batch

  • “Yoga is open for Everyone” - the First Step to attend our Pranayama and Meditation Classes is just ‘DESIRE’ - the desire to experience and enjoy Yoga , Pranayama and Meditation! As they say - “Whoever can breathe can do Yoga’ . Pranayama and Meditation is truly secular in its practice – and cuts across age, gender, weight, flexibility , etc. And if you cannot sit down on the floor or mat, we provide you chairs for your comfortable practice.
  • Students can visit the unique Centre - Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre and meet the highly experienced Teachers to chalk out any specific Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation Methods suitable to him/her and accordingly join the classes conducted only over the weekends.
  • Yoga Rahasya specifies the Krama (Method) for choosing the Yoga Class. Our Highly Experienced Teachers shall suggest a Method that is based on your physical fitness and requirements;
    • Physical Ability - Health issues, Any Aches and Pains, Weakness etc.,
    • Mental Ability - Depression, Anxiety or Stress
    • Emotional Ability - Coping Pressure with , Family and Work-Related Issues, etc.
  • All we want from you is your Commitment to be Regular, Consistent and Sincere to YOUR Pranayama and Meditation Practice to transform you.
  • Have no Time-Bound Expectations – Don’t put Stress on yourself to learn Pranayama and Meditation within a specific time frame. Let Yoga flow within you and transform you. Our Basic of Yoga mantra is Ahimsa at all levels - Body, Breath and Mind!


Daily Practice of Yoga is quintessential to Good Health and Well-Being for Homemakers, Students, Youth and Working Women and Professionals. Daily Yoga includes Yogic Flows, Vinyasa Sequences, Ashtanga series, Classical Asana Practice, Pranayama, Bandhas, Mantras and Meditation which improves Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual faculties. The Holistic Daily Yoga Class has an Exclusive Batch only for Ladies.

The Daily Yoga Program for Ladies is a Holistic well-balanced program to improve general health, improve your energy and stamina for better work performance and life, have a calm and serene mind, bring peace and happiness into your Life. We teach Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yoga in the Classical Krishnamacharya Tradition, Yoga for General Fitness, Yoga for Weight Loss, Yoga to strengthen Body and Core Muscles, Yoga for Balance and Flexibility, Pranayama and Meditation, Restorative Poses and Yoga Nidra.

We follow a holistic approach to Yoga with the right balance of Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Classical and Traditional Yoga styles. It is not "One Solution to All Approach". The Teachers understand each Lady Student individually and as a group in the class all the time for teaching Yoga. The approach is scientific and taught by highly trained, professional, experienced, and certified yoga teachers.

Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga & Cultural Centre Trainers are highly trained , professional, experienced, and certified yoga teachers. They have several years of practical experience in teaching Yoga, physio – therapy, geriatrics therapy, yoga therapy. Some of them are also perusing their PhDs in Yoga. Our Yoga Teachers provide personal attention to every student to improve their Yoga Practice so that they benefit holistically from the practice of Yoga. For Details of Trainers please follow the Link

"Anyone who can breathe can practice Yoga! But no one can Practice all types of Yoga". The Daily Yoga Course is for anyone interested in Yoga Practice. Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre Trainers assess the student health and physical conditions before starting the training. We have to start from where we are, and how we are, so that we can absorb and grow with our Yoga practice. And the miracles of Yoga practice will surely be seen! The Exclusive Ladies Batches is open only for Women.

The Yoga Practice in Daily Yoga classes will help you make good progress in your over physical health and well - being, sharpen your mind, be more energetic and focused, and have a Balanced Life. The Holistic Yoga Practice can help specific improvements, for Example., reduction of weight, reduces early ageing, sound sleep, boosting the immune system, build muscle strength, relax nervous system, improve digestion, and improve the vitality and energy levels of the body.

Daily Yoga Classes are conducted in a serene ambience amidst ancient trees and nature at Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga and Cultural Center - in the heart of Bangalore City at Malleshwaram. The place has a rich Tradition in Culture and Arts. The traditional Yoga is spacious for each Lady student to enjoy and fully absorb the practice. The Classes are set amidst Trees and Nature with the sound of Birds making for a great atmosphere for your Yoga Practice.

Why Choose Exclusive Yoga Classes for Ladies from Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga and Cultural Centre

  • Convenient Timing - We conduct Exclusive Yoga Classes for Women at 09:30 am - 10:30 am on Weekdays.
  • Taught by Lady Yoga Teachers - The classes are conducted mainly by Lady Yoga Teachers for your comfort in Learning Yoga.
  • Certified Yoga Teachers - SKWYCC Teachers are highly trained, professional, experienced, and certified yoga teachers who have taught several students for many years.
  • Holistic Approach to Yoga - with the right balance of Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Classical and Traditional Yoga styles. It is not “One Solution to All Approach”.
  • Personal Attention by SKWYCC Teachers - The Teachers understand the Students individually and as a group in the class all the time for teaching Yoga. They provide personal attention to each student.
  • Healthy Body - Yoga practice assures flexible and fit body, high stamina, energetic and attentive mind, at all times.
  • Sharp Mind - Yoga practice strengthens your body so you can perform better at work, have the right knowledge, carry happiness on your sleeve and have peace of mind.


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