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Mr. Sundar Sreenivasan at our srikrishnawellness and yoga centre with his success story

I’ve been attending the classes for nearly two years now. I had joined a gym before trying out the classes at KWC and used to always dread going to the gym in the evening. Exercising at the gym used to be a chore and I used to regularly find excuses to skip it. However, I’ve never skipped a class at KWC for any reason other than falling ill or being held up at work. I’ve finally found an exercise regime that is not monotonous and has increased my endurance – which has always been a goal of mine. Thanks, KWC!

Mr. Sundar Sreenivasan

Success stories - Ms. Vaijayanthi Sudershan

I am coming to the centre from May 2017. After joining this yoga I feel my body has become more flexible. Before joining here I had leg pain and I always felt the heaviness. Thanks to our yoga master Mr.Dinesh chengappa. Now I feel lighter and I could do Sarvangasana and many asanas with ease. In the future, I will be able to do shirasasana and much more with his help. Thanks once again for setting up the centre in Malleswaram, otherwise I may not have tried it.definitely, I would recommend to many friends of mine. Already my friend Ms Hemamalini Anand has joined the class.

Ms. Vaijayanthi Sudershan

Success Stories - Ms. Akshaya Asokan

I have been doing yoga for almost 1 and half years now at Krishna wellness Centre. I was a new mother about 15 months back and required somebody toning and also back strengthening. That’s when I got introduced to Shyam sir. What many months of gymming couldn’t do, yoga did. Yoga made me work with my own body and pushing myself further. Over the next course of months, I fell in love with yoga and until this day I don’t feel myself if I don’t do my yoga for the day. A big thank you to Shyam sir to have helped me work with my body and understanding it and its flexibility. Shyam sir and the team at Krishna wellness centre changed my way of life. Definitely, it’s my first option when anyone is looking for a fitness and healthy option.

Ms. Akshaya Asokan

Mr. Sundar Sreenivasan at our srikrishnawellness and yoga centre with his success story

I signed up for the yoga classes at Sri Krishna Wellness Centre in May 2017. It was my first exposure to yoga and it has been a very satisfying experience. I joined up for three days a week but after three months upped it to five days a week as I am enjoying the hourly yoga every day and our teacher Dinesh sir makes it extremely interesting and satisfying. I appreciate the way he takes the whole class along and gently motivates each one of us to extend our boundaries!

I would definitely recommend Sri Krishna Wellness Centre to anyone interested in taking up yoga. I like the flexibility which is offered in terms of days and timings and also the punctuality and regularity.


Ms. Priya Ram

Success stories - Ms. Deepa Sudersha

I am with Sri Krishna for about a quarter now. It has been an amazing experience with this centre. It has had devastating effects on both my body and mind. Improving my physical strength, flexibility and helped relieve my stress. Overall it has been an excellent program. Yes definitely would want to spread the message so many would benefit from this.

Ms. Deepa Nagaraj

Divya student review sri krishna wellness

Experience and benefits: The class is really good, a good workout and also very relaxing. My balance and strength have improved. It has reduced stress and helped me relax.

Teacher: Excellent. Dinesh sir is a very patient and good instructor, he knows how to balance the class so it’s neither too easy nor too difficult.

Ms. Divya

Murali student review sri krishna wellness

Experience and benefits: It is a very good experience and gave me peace of mind and totally relaxed me.

Teacher : My teacher is very experienced with knowledge.

Mr. Murali

Ms.Shilpa a student at our srikrishnawellness and yoga centre with her success story

Experience and benefits:I absolutely love it. The teachers are great and the ambience is very serene. Great way to start the day. It has made me much fit and flexible, mentally I feel much fresher, calmer and focused.

Ms. Shilpa Rao

Ms. Smitha.B.R at our srikrishnawellness and yoga centre with his success story

Experience and benefits: Very good, quite informative & therapeutic, very peaceful environment. Yoga has helped me to reduce my weight to an extent and I have more energy left to do my other work throughout the day. It has increased my flexibility and it has also improved my concentration.

Ms. Smitha.B.R

Experience and benefits: It’s been good, the classes are conducted in a planned and organized way and gives good benefit.

Ms. Kavya.S.Vankitachalam

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