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June 1, 2021 |

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With the world shifting to digital space in every field, yoga also has left no bars behind by adopting new technologies through conducting online yoga classes. We don’t deny the fact that yoga must be practiced amidst beautiful nature so that we can get a breath of fresh air but as every coin has two faces there is another side to this as well. If we think practically we might understand how difficult it is for people to manage their timings in their busy routine especially in metro cities where every minute counts it is difficult for people to travel to yoga centers or yoga studios and again come back to their home and start with their work.

Also, with the pandemic that has affected the entire globe where maintaining social distance and staying at home are the only keys to save ourselves online yoga classes remain the best option. But, because the fear of the pandemic life doesn’t stop as they say ‘ SURVIVAL FOR THE FITTEST’ we need to be unstoppable no matter what. When our offices are getting the job done by allowing work from home, students are getting their education through online classes, E-commerce websites are continuing with their digital promotions why should self-care and a healthy lifestyle be behind?. Having a healthy lifestyle is very important regardless of any situation hence yoga is the key to this. 

Yoga is great for our overall body and also for our mind, soul. Yoga boosts our immunity, makes us flexible and fit, and gives us peace of mind. Yoga is for everyone irrespective of age, gender, and work but it is always recommended to inform the yoga instructors beforehand if you are suffering from any kind of issues or ailments so that they can suggest which yoga must not be performed and which are the specific yoga asanas you need to practice so that you are relieved from the pain. 


Advantages of learning yoga online: 

  1. High comfort:  

Online yoga classes make you absolutely comfortable as you can practice it at your favorite place. Some people might feel inferior to practice yoga with a roomful of people hence they might not be able to focus on the class for such people. Online yoga classes are a great method where they can learn and practice without any hesitation. Whether it is a beginner or someone who wants to practice advanced yoga virtual classes give a personalized feeling where the students can ask any doubts without thinking about others. 


  1. Flexible time and space: 

With online yoga classes, you don’t have to worry about reaching the yoga studio or yoga center at a specific time or you don’t have to worry about missing an important class because of time constraints. The beauty of online yoga classes is you get to choose your space and time according to your convenience. This saves your travel time that can be instead used to practice yoga more or for any other important work. You don’t have to worry about skipping your yoga if you are at a different place or out of the station. Because all it takes is a laptop that you can carry anywhere and start practicing 


  1. Multiple choices: 

As everybody types and every person differs the way of grasping things or the level of learning is also different for everyone. With online yoga classes, you can choose which particular yoga classes suits you the best for example if someone is a beginner they can opt for the beginner’s yoga session, if someone is looking for advanced yoga they can attend that particular session. Also, if someone is looking for yoga that can improve their mental health they can choose the pranayama or meditation classes. Also, you can choose the particular yoga instructor whose classes you enjoy the most. 


  1. The connection with self: 

Yoga is a way to connect your mind, body, and soul. Yoga builds self-awareness and helps you to recognize yourself and as you are practicing yoga at the comfort of your place and there are no people around hence because of less disturbance you will be able to focus more and connect with yourself. It is important to give time for ourselves to understand what we want from our life. This in turn boosts confidence and inspires you to achieve your goals. 


Why Choose Krishna Wellness Online Yoga Classes? 

Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre is the best way for online yoga training because we conduct live classes hence it is easy to understand and practice when a yoga instructor teaches the correct way so that you don’t hurt yourselves. Our teachers are expert instructors who are well experienced in this field. From meditation classes to advanced yoga we cover everything for you. If this still doesn’t convince you, Sri Krishna Wellness is considered the best yoga institute in Bangalore. It also conducts the Yoga teacher training program and three batches have successfully graduated from this. 

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Ms. Mimi Partha Sarathy

Founder, Managing Trustee and Sr. Yoga Teacher Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India