Yoga rules for beginners

February 10, 2023 |

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Yoga is a holistic approach towards life that helps you achieve maximum capacity of the mind, that drives the entire body. If your new year resolution is a healthy lifestyle, you must start practicing yoga as soon as possible because there are chances that your body may feel a bit difficult to adapt to the new practice. Yoga is all about breathing exercises, meditation, and asanas. With yoga, you will be able to  unlock immense amount of energy hidden within your body. Prana Tatva is one of the main energies hidden in your body that you start to channelize once you regularly practice yoga.

If you think you’re too busy to go to yoga classes, you can join online yoga classes to begin your yoga journey. It will have a huge positive impact on your physical as well as mental health. You need to understand that you won’t learn yoga overnight and it will take a lot of practice to master complex form of yoga. There are a few basic asanas and poses that you should start with and then gradually move on to difficult poses. Practicing yoga wrongly can lead your body to issues such as aches and pains. This is why, it is always advised to read and learn a few basic rules before starting your yoga journey.

  • Focus on breathing- You don’t need any warm up or cardio exercises to get into yoga session everyday. However, one thing that is most important in yoga is to focus on your breathing. Inhaling and exhaling at the right time is the most important aspect of yoga. You need to be aware of your breathing pattern as it can lead you to have a better quality sleep, lesser stress, etc.
  • Comfortable clothing- Always wear loose clothes or clothes that fir you just right and makes you feel comfortable. Wearing clothes that are too loose will trouble you and limit your movement. With comfortable clothes, you can move freely as it offers you great mobility. In addition to flexible body movements, comfortable clothes will also help you when you sweat. In that case, synthetic cloth are your best bet.
  • Show up every time- You should join only the best yoga studio in Bangalore, located in Malleshwaram, Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga and Cultural Centre, to kick start your yoga journey. Do not let your hesitation or laziness push you towards missing your yoga sessions. Once you start making an excuse, it is a never ending road. So, show up, try to learn as much as you can, and it will be worth all the sweat.
  • Bare feet- A lot of yoga beginners practice yoga with socks which is not a very good idea. Practicing yoga without socks make more sense as it helps you be more stable when you do any standing yoga pose. It is always a good idea to perform yoga bare feet so that you have a solid grip.
  • Say no to comparisons- You are on your own yoga journey. As a beginner, you will obviously take more time than others to learn the practice. In the meantime, you may feel that others know yoga better than you. So, it is important that you do not judge yourself or feel under confident. You can join the best yoga classes in Bangalore e. Sri Krishna Wellness, Yoga and Cultural Centre and take things slowly or at your own pace.
  • Laugh it off- There are poses that you may fail to perform miserably but that’s actually okay and means that you’re trying to learn. You don’t have to be embarrassed about it as it’s a part of the process. It will be great if you bring a little sense of humor to your yoga sessions. Just give it another shot and keep trying.

Yoga is a your first step towards a better lifestyle. It is no rocket science that you have to show up every day in order to get better at yoga. There will be days when you don’t want to continue but, believe us, the amazing feeling that you get at the end of the session will bring you back to your yoga mat the next day. One of the most important thing that you must do before starting your session everyday is to switch off or silence your gadgets so that you and other do not get disturbed. Moreover, you just remember that yoga is not about doing complex and fancy poses but to bring you at peace. Don’t take it as a competition and just enjoy your own company for some time, everyday.

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Ms. Mimi Partha Sarathy

Founder, Managing Trustee and Sr. Yoga Teacher Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India